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Genocide Then and Now

On Behalf of the Oil and Drug Cartel

It is a scientific fact that ARV drugs are some of the most toxic substances that can be given to the human body without killing it immediately. The extremely harmful side effects of these drugs include drug-induced immune deficiencies, the failure of various organs of the body and death. These side effects are listed in every patient information leaflet required by law to be attached to ARV drugs.

The promotion of such toxic substances to millions of people - under whatever pretext - will cause million-fold harms and death.

The promotion of ARV drugs in the developing world, particularly across the African continent, is a heinous plan for genocide. The two key motives for these unconscionable acts are:

  1. The insatiable greed of the pharmaceutical drug companies manufacturing these drugs.
  1. Population control in the developing world under the pretext of fighting diseases.

2007: Three heads of the world's largest drug exporting nations, Germany's Angela Merkel, George Bush and Tony Blair having a laugh on the beach after authorizing the ARV genocide plan for Africa.

At its 2007 meeting in Heiligendamm, Germany, the G8 heads of state allocated $60 Billion of their taxpayer's money to finance this genocidal program across the African continent. Under the deceptive title of "Growth and Responsibility in Africa" the G8 politicians approved the blueprint for the recolonialisation of the African continent, the subvertion of its political and social structures and the genocide of millions of innocent people in Africa.


2007: The Kempinski Hotel in Heiligendamm, the G8 conference venue on the Baltic coast.


1942: The villa in Berlin-Wannsee where the "Wannsee Conference" was held on Jan 20, 1942.

The small German town of Heiligendamm, of course, is only located about 300 miles north of another German town, by the name of "Wannsee". In this suburb of Berlin, almost a quarter of a century ago, the infamous "Wannsee Conference" took place. On January 20, 1942, the Nazis and their corporate sponsors, the Oil and Drug Cartel IG Farben, decided on the so-called "final solution": the extermination of 11 million Jewish people across Europe. The Jewish people across Europe held key roles in the economic and political life of Europe and represented a significant obstacle to the conquest of the European continent by the Nazi/IG Farben coalition.

1942: Three key participants at the Wannsee Conference: Erich Neumann (left), representative of the Oil and Drug Cartel IG Farben, Reinhard Heydrich (center) and Adolf Eichmann (right).

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