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Dedicated to my friend Dominik
from Dr. Matthias Rath

Now you are finally free, Dominik! Here on earth you were imprisoned and restrained on an island of cancer patients. Like millions of cancer patients with you, you were waiting chained to the shackle of chemo-medicine and gagged by the “billion-dollar business with disease”.

This “cancer island” is an island of death, because cancer is until today a death sentence. The horror of death over this island is held up at all costs by a terror regime. Its survival relies on the great many tentacles of the pharma octopus, a monster, that nourishes itself on the blood of its victims. Whoever tries to escape the prison of this “cancer island” to arrive at the safety of the edge of the “land of good health”, will be returned to the island of death by the bloodhounds of terror or will be rushed to his death. Until now there was no escape from this island of death. But your parents and you, Dominik, risked it anyhow. Nearly one and a half years ago you escaped your bloodhounds. You reached the edge of “land of good health”, and celebrated your first Communion there.

But then a gust of wind to your young life pulled you back into the sea - directly into the clutches of your bloodhounds. They knew, they had to rush you to your death. If they didn’t do that, then there would be a rebellion on “cancer island”. If it had become known, that you had reached the safety of the edge of the “land of good health”, then thousands of cancer patients, imprisoned against their will on the “island of death”, would have, like you, wished to become free. But this liberation of cancer patients would spell the end of the terror regime and the octopus, who can only survive with the help of terror.

Although your bloodhound did everything to rip you with brutal violence back to the “island of death”, you escaped from them once again. You fought like a young lion and once again swam to the “edge”. With your last ounce of strength you got up again, and all prisoners of the island of death know now that it is possible to reach the safety of the edge of “the land of good health”.

You planted a flag in the sand, the examination results, proving that you did not die from a cancer metastasis in the lung, but through the weapons of your bloodhounds. The flag can be seen by the prisoners on the “island of death”.. On it you have written with your own blood:

“Cancer is no longer a death sentence! Come on, you are free!“

I thank you that you presented us with this medical proof. I thank you that you endured so long until the time that the flag of freedom fluttered in the wind. I thank you for your fight, I thank you for you bravery! Thank you in the name of all mankind! Thank you on behalf of all future generations, for whom cancer will no longer be a death sentence!

Now everyone on ”cancer island” knows that the “land of good health” is within reach. And the more the bloodhounds endeavour to maul your flag and to cover your footsteps on the sand, the louder they are screaming, the more people on “cancer island” will follow your sign of freedom. Like a bushfire the message will spread all over the island of death:

“Cancer is no longer a death sentence! We are free now!“

As the scientist and physician who enabled you to escape from the island of death I gained you as a friend. I had hoped that you would reach the land of good health and could live there for a long time. But your bloodhounds were able to impede that. For the last time!

But cellular medicine is already building a bridge between the deathly island of cancer and the land of good health. As the architect of this bridge I promise you that my research colleagues will not rest until this bridge is completed. The day is not far away when thousands and millions of prisoners will reach the “land of good health” from the island of death over this bridge. And on that day the terror regime that has victimized a century long millions of people for the “billion dollar business with disease” will collapse.

I see the people on the bridge. They are cheering and can hardly believe the overwhelming feeling to be free. And as they reach the land of health, they look back and see how the island of death sinks into the sea. They recognize that they have not only liberated themselves, but also their children and all future generations and they commit themselves to never admit such a terror regime again. Never again!

“Cancer is vanquished! We are forever free !“

And the bridge, over which people free of the cancer disease will cross, will stand forever and will always carry your name

Thank you Dominik!