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The Facts about Dominik Feld's death

On 1 November 2004, young Dominik died after a long illness. Dominik’s death was as dramatic as the last two years of his short life. The battle between the old approach of mainstream medicine, characterised by chemotherapy, and the new medicine heralded by Cellular Medicine’s breakthrough, accompanied Dominik to his last moments.

What is certain is that Dominik did not die of cancer and lung metastasis, but from a series of mistakes by doctors which led to an enormous mass of a blood clot filling the whole of the left side of his chest, and putting increasing pressure on his heart and lungs. During these developments, a blood clot also formed in the pericardium (pericardial contusion), which increasingly impaired Dominik’s heart functions.

Although a puncture of the left thorax was finally carried out on 25 October 2004, and considerably eased the pressure, the vital organs, particularly the heart, were already so severely impaired that Dominik suffered heart failure on November 1st. The surgery on the left thoracic cavity did provide evidence that in the lung drainage there were no cancer cells, therefore no lung metastases.

It was not cancer, which defeated Dominik – he became the victim of an outmoded form of medicine which exploited him in an attempt to show that cancer remains a death sentence. But this did not succeed!

The facts in detail:

  1. It has been claimed that Dominik died as a result of his cancer. The fact is that Dominik died from a huge blood clot in the left thorax, which finally impaired heart and respiratory functions so severely that he suffered acute heart failure on 1 November.
  2. It has been claimed that a huge lung metastasis had formed in Dominik’s chest, affecting the whole left lung. The fact is that surgery on Dominik’s chest on 25 October 2004 found that the left lung had collapsed Lung metastasis was thus excluded
  3. The pleural fluid extracted directly from the centre of the formation in the lung, using a drainage catheter, also showed no evidence of cancer cells
  4. This important examination result confirms the finding of a Dortmund specialist laboratory on 9 September 2004, according to which the mass in Dominik’s thoracic cavity was a blood clot consisting of red blood ells and a protein, fibrin. Claims in Bild newspaper and other media that it was a lung metastasis are thus clearly refuted.
  5. It has been claimed that Dominik’s life was put at risk when his parents broke off questionable chemotherapy and instead relied on the natural remedy of Cellular Medicine. The fact is that Dominik was – without chemotherapy - able to live an almost normal life for a year and a half with the help of Cellular Medicine. According to statistics provided by chemotherapy-based medicine, he ought to have died long before.
  6. It has been claimed that there is no scientific evidence to support Dr. Rath’s natural remedy of Cellular Medicine. The fact is that the cellular nutrient compounds developed at Dr. Rath’s research institute are able to completely prevent the spread of about twenty of the most common types of cancer cells, such as breast cancer, lung cancer, pprostate cancer and many others including three types of bone cancer (osteosarcoma), which was the form of cancer Dominik had (see www.DrRathResearch.org for more information).
  7. It has been claimed that Dominik’s death has also put paid to the hopes of a breakthrough in the battle against cancer. The opposite is the case: many thousands of cancer patients throughout the world are already successfully using the natural approach of Cellular Medicine developed by Dr. Rath’s research team. In many cases it has been possible to halt or even wholly eliminate cancer. Numerous case histories, with supporting x-ray and CT images, are documented on the Internet (see www.DrRathResearch.org for more information).
  8. It has been claimed that Dr. Rath endangered Dominik’s life with Cellular Medicine. The Dean of Münster University Clinic even tried to file a suit against Dr. Rath at Koblenz public prosecutor department, charging him with bodily harm and attempted murder. The fact is that it was not Dr. Rath or Cellular Medicine, which put the child’s life at risk. The decisive events which led to Dominik’s death were professional errors by doctors, such as the injury caused to his left lung during the chest puncture operation in August, which led to lung collapse, and the injuries arising from another chest cavity puncture in September, which led to massive internal bleeding and formation of the huge blood clot.
  9. One cannot exclude the possibility that there were still cancer cells in Dominik’s body. However, these were clearly not the cause of death.
  10. Dominik did not die in vain – throughout the world people showed warm concern for his fate. His battle against cancer has prepared the way for a new era in medicine, in which cancer will no longer be a death sentence. Doctors and all members of the healing professions must, in the interests of millions of cancer patients, give constructive attention to the scientifically founded successes of Cellular Medicine.