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From: Wim Vis
Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 17:38:24 +0200
To: Paul Anthony Taylor

Subject: Codex A.

Dear mr. Taylor,

Thanks for reading my email.

Im currently working on an item on the Codex Alimentarius. I read your article on the Codex and im very much interested in talking to you. We would like to make an item on our televisionshow (which has over 2 million viewers) about the Codex. The main point in this item will be the consequences of the Codex for consumers, now that the Codex is slowly getting a more powerful status.

I would prefer to speak on the phone, if that is ok with you? This will not be an interview but just a exchange of opinions and information. Is there a convenient time I could call you? And on what number? Otherwise you could call me - my number is [WITHHELD]

Due to a deadline, I hope to speak to you very soon.

Kind Regards,

Wim C. Vis

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