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Cellular Medicine Symposiums in Maastricht, the Netherlands, 22/25 April 2015

As regular readers of our newsletters will be well aware, the number of people suffering from chronic diseases continues to increase worldwide. Over the years, however, scientific breakthroughs from the Dr. Rath Research Institute have shown how dietary supplementation with micronutrients does not merely help prevent deficiencies and chronic diseases but can ultimately lead to their significant reduction or elimination. In this respect, the very latest research results from the Institute now provide groundbreaking scientific evidence of the preventive and therapeutic value of micronutrient supplementation – thus underscoring the crucial importance of restructuring our national healthcare systems to place prevention as a key principle.

In upcoming symposiums in Maastricht, on 22 and 25 April, these latest research findings from our Institute will be discussed in detail, including both in vivo and in vitro studies. Key research areas presented will include cardiovascular disease, cancer and Lyme Disease. The speakers will include Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D.; Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, Ph.D.; Dr. Neha Shanker, Ph.D.; Dr. M. Waheed Roomi, Ph.D.; Dr. Anna Goc, Ph.D. and John Cha, B.S.

For further information about these two exciting events, and to register to attend them, please visit the Maastricht Symposium 2015 website.

It is the firm belief of our Foundation that only when each and every person gets access to the latest scientific developments in nutritional and Cellular Medicine will a truly evidence-based and effective system of healthcare become possible. As such, by continuing to share the information on our websites as widely as possible – including especially the latest research news from our Institute – you are playing a vital role in creating such a healthcare system and, ultimately, in saving millions of lives.

17 April, 2015