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Pharma-Cartel Runs Amok.

The Global Deception Campaign Denying The Health Benefits Of Vitamins Can No Longer Prevent The Collapse Of The Pharmaceutical House Of Cards

The following headlines appeared recently in newspapers and other news sources around the world:

May 08, 2003
Watchdog warning on vitamin pills

Read article at CNN.com

May 07, 2003
Warning over vitamin doses

Read article at BBCNews.com

April 29, 2003
Vitamins: More May Be Too Many

Read article at NYTimes.com

Don’t be fooled by this propaganda!

These pieces of irresponsible journalism have a single common purpose - to discredit safe and effective natural remedies. The comments made in these reports fly in the face of the huge volume of scientific evidence accumulated over the past sixty years or more, that attests to the health benefits of vitamins and other essential micronutrients.

The negative comments quoted in both the New York Times (April 29th) and The Sunday Times (May 4th) follow in a long line of positions taken by the organization referred to in these reports that include: Nothing Is Wrong With DDT and Diesel Exhaust Emissions Pose No Risk To School Children. The report of the Expert Committee on Vitamins and Minerals (EVM) referred to by the Sunday Times and in the later reports, was first published in August 2002. The EVM in fact failed in its brief, which was to set so-called safe upper limits for certain vitamins and minerals. Due to a lack of evidence of any adverse effects, the EVM managed to propose safe upper limits for only 9 out of the 34 micronutrients that it studied and the limits that it did propose are scientifically questionable.

As usual, the press are trying to blow this out of all proportion and start a scare story. No doubt we shall shortly see the absurd 'Vitamin C Causes Cancer' story making the headlines yet again. It seems that the pharma-cartel have decided that attack is their best form of defence and that creating panic (a la SARS) is a good tactic.