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July 22, 2003
EU plan to fight diseases
The European Union is to set up an institute to fight SARS and other serious diseases. The proposed European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) would also coordinate efforts in the event of a bio-terrorist attack.
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July 22, 2003
US Department of Agriculture awards over $4 million in nutrition training grants
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July 12, 2003
Italian EU presidency brings ambitious health targets
The Italian government has set itself an ambitious public health agenda as it presides over European Union business for the next six months. Heading the list are moves to establish a European centre for disease prevention and control and to increase information to the public on the importance of healthy lifestyles.
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July 12, 2003
Women need better information about routine mammography
Although mammographic screening is well established in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, its value continues to be debated. Most of the data on mammographic screening come from a group of clinical trials completed over a decade ago. These are subject to constant reworking, reanalyses, and wrangling between the screening zealots and the screening sceptics. New data are unlikely to emerge, as it is improbable that new screening trials, with a control group that is "left to nature" will be conducted.
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July 8, 2003
Many Doctors Withhold Info From Patients
Nearly one in three US doctors reports withholding information from patients about useful medical services that aren't covered by their health insurance companies, and the number may be on the rise, a study reports
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July 2, 2003
New Proteins Could Aid Cancer, Heart Treatments
California cancer researchers have discovered a new class of proteins that spurs the development of blood vessels -- a finding that could aid in the treatment of cancer, heart disease and more.
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June 19, 2003
Half of HIV patients choose alternative medicine
US study of HIV patients finds that those who believed that the risks of antiretroviral therapy were "definitely not worth taking" were eight times more likely to substitute alternative medicine
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June 14, 2003
Lord Baldwin, chairman of the parliamentary group for CAM until 2002, discusses the placebo effect
Lord Baldwin—who chaired the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board 1990-9, was joint chairman of the Parliamentary Group for Alternative and Complementary Medicine 1992-2002, and served on the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee inquiry into complementary and alternative medicine in 2000—asks that both complementary and conventional practitioners keep an open mind
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June 7, 2003
Bush legislates for $15bn to be spent on AIDS
Bush’s 15 billion dollar Aids programme may be just pie in the sky. Although the law envisages subsidies worth $3bn a year through to 2008, it is uncertain how much will actually be spent. The congressional appropriations process for next year is in the early stages, and members of both parties have cautioned that it could be difficult to fit that sum within the limits on foreign aid that Congress has approved
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May 22, 2003
SARS scare stories continue – this one from the USA says a major outbreak could overwhelm the US health system
The U-S health system has a lot of know-how when it comes to containing infectious diseases -- but experts say if SARS gets out of hand, it could overwhelm the nation's resources.
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May 20, 2003
Research points to link between beef cattle growth hormone and increased rates of breast cancer
In feed lots across the country, beef cattle are given growth hormones to make them fatter faster, to save money. Now questions are being raised about one of the most widely-used hormones, Zeranol, a synthetic estrogen implanted in cattle. A series of tests done for the Pentagon show a possible link between breast cancer and Zeranol.
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May 20, 2003
US keeps up SARS pressure – Tommy Thompson US Health Secretary says ‘SARS will be a global killer’
People in Europe and the US are likely to die from infection by the Sars virus, the US Health Secretary has predicted. The respiratory virus has killed hundreds and infected thousands - but the vast majority of deaths so far have been in China and Hong Kong. As yet, no deaths from the virus have been reported in the US, or any European country.
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May 15, 2003
China Threatens to Execute SARS Spreaders
Fear over SARS reaches new high as China threatens to execute anyone intentionally spreading the disease by ignoring quarantine rules
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May 3, 2003
Aids vaccine testing begins in India, Switzerland and UK
Clinical trials of a new vaccine against HIV, which has infected more than 40 million people worldwide, start in Switzerland and the United Kingdom in June.
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April 24, 2003
'Genetic shield' may beat cancer
Nobel Prize winning genetic researcher says human beings could and should be allowed to alter their genetic inheritance to prevent diseases like cancer
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April 23, 2003
US scientists say they have cured mice of diabetes with gene therapy
New research into diabetes holds out hope of a cure from the disabling condition which affects around 1.4m people in Britain. Experimental gene therapy has cured mice of diabetes, and although work is at a very early stage, scientists hope the technique will one day free people from its effects.
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April 23, 2003
Global flu pandemic 'imminent'
The South African Medinfo organisation warns that, in the wake of SARS, a global flu pandemic is imminent. If true, this will be good news for vaccine makers…
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April 23, 2003
Ironing out nutrient deficiencies
US scientists and the Nigerian International Institute of Tropical Technology are testing biofortification to improve availability of iron from traditional maize crops
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April 23, 2003
Scientists say SARS virus mutates making it difficult to find a cure
SCIENTISTS warned yesterday that the SARS super-flu virus is constantly changing - frustrating the search for a cure.
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April 8, 2003
HIV/Aids vaccine trial in Uganda fails to attract volunteers
Researchers at the Entebbe-based Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) are appealing to volunteers to come forward for HIV/AIDS vaccine trials.
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April 2, 2003
Disease outbreaks that have ravaged mankind
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) has killed nearly 80 people worldwide and infected more than 2 300. The death rate is about four percent. But far worse outbreaks have plagued the planet before.
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March 26, 2003

Chirac calls for European cancer agency to encourage coherent Community policy

French President Chirac calls for the establishment of a European agency to fight cancer in a coordinated way across all EU Member States
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March 22, 2003

Privatisation of water is high on Kyoto summit agenda

Privatisation of water supplies in developing countries may risk the lives of up 1 billion people
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March 06, 2003
US consumer groups to sue Department of Agriculture over GMO medicine crops
A coalition of U.S. environmental and consumer groups Wednesday threatened to sue the U.S. Agriculture Department unless it temporarily halts planting of biotech crops engineered to produce medicinal and industrial products.
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February 23, 2003
US Patriot Act laws are curbing disease research say scientists
New federal laws meant to control bioterrorism are making it considerably tougher for researchers to continue work with such agents as anthrax and the plague, just as the United States reaches the brink of war with the country that supposedly possesses the greatest bioterrorism threat in the world.
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February 19, 2003
Details of President Bush's agriculture budget
Agriculture Secretary Ann M. Veneman today released details of the Bush Administration’s proposed FY 2004 budget for USDA programs and services, which includes record spending for important farm conservation measures, food safety protections, and nutrition and food assistance programs. The $74 billion request is 2% higher ($1.4 billion) than the previous year and $5.4 billion higher (or 8% growth) since FY2001.
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February 15, 2003
US university dean calls for integration of
gene-based agricultural and bio-medical research

As the links between foods and human health become ever clearer, so does the necessity of integrating gene-based agricultural and medical sciences research, according to Charles Muscoplat, dean of the University of Minnesota College of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences.
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February 14, 2003
Is HIV/AIDS a poverty disease? A director of the Inter Regional Economic Network discusses the real reasons for the AIDS epidemic in Africa
Nelson Mandela addresses guests at the unveiling of the second series of his art works on Robben Island last week. The imprint of his left hand, in the picture on the left, is surrounded by the imprints of the hands of children affected by HIV to reflect the effects of the disease on the continent.
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February 14, 2003
Heart disease declining - but scientists don't know why
Heart disease death rates have plummeted in recent years, prompting scientists to question long-held theories about fat consumption
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February 11, 2003
Uganda begins human HIV vaccine trials
Ugandan researchers have begun injecting volunteers with one of the world's few prototype HIV vaccines targeting the strain of the virus ravaging east Africa, the research team said on Tuesday.
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February 11, 2003
Heart disease threat to UK women more than 4 times that of breast cancer
Most women are dangerously unaware that heart disease is the greatest threat to their lives, according to a new report.
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February 7, 2003
New York State Assembly is looking at the business potential of herbal remedies
The economic and medical potential of herbal supplements and medicines will be explored by the state Assembly's Republican minority during a two-hour hearing on Monday, Feb. 10.
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February 7, 2003
US healthworkers refuse government smallpox vaccinations over safety fears
Health-care professionals are citing medical, political and financial reasons for not towing the U.S. government line and getting smallpox vaccinations.
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