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Responsibility for Health, Peace and Social Justice

Dr. Rath's lecture from 31st October 2004

We meet here today to raise our voices against one of the greatest crimes in human history: the attempt to deny the right of free access to natural health, the right to health itself.

Dr. Matthias Rath

Global economic interests of a whole branch of industry, the pharmaceutical industry, aim to deprive us of this right. The commercial basis of this branch of industry is the perpetuation and spread of illnesses as a billion-dollar market for the sale of its investment commodities thousands of pharmaceutical drugs which are synthetic, patentable and associated with severe side effects.

Yet the unscrupulous Codex plans are not a sign of the pharmaceutical cartel's strength. They are a direct reaction to a breathtaking breakthrough in vitamin research and Cellular Medicine, which lays the foundation for the eradication of today's endemic diseases.

Never before in human history has a single medical breakthrough been able to eradicate so many endemic diseases at one time, and save so many human lives, as the discovery of the importance of vitamins, minerals and other vital factors of cell metabolism in preventing cellular deficiencies and illnesses.

Never before in human history has a single medical breakthrough been able to help reduce the major causes of death, both in industrialised countries and also developing countries, to a fraction of their current level. In industrialised countries, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, cardiac insufficiency, cancer, osteoporosis and other endemic diseases are being successfully combated; in developing countries this extends to the consequences of malnutrition and susceptibility to tuberculosis, Aids and other infectious diseases.

Never before in human history has the goal of attaining a world without disease been as close as it is today. The most important obstruction on the path to this goal is the opposition of the pharmaceutical industry a branch of industry based on the perpetuation of endemic diseases.

Never before in human history has an industry risked the health and lives of millions of people for as long and as systematically as the pharmaceutical industry, with the aim of making billion-dollar profits from the continued suffering and misery of millions of patients.

Never before in human history has there been a more comprehensively fraudulent business than the pharmaceutical business with disease. The pharmaceutical cartel promises to deliver the commodity health, cashes in to the tune of billions and just delivers more and more illness. As compelling proof of this global deception, one can cite the fact that not a single endemic disease has been eradicated over decades. On the contrary, the billion-dollar costs of perpetuating these illnesses are ruining private and public budgets worldwide.

The pharmaceutical cartel's Codex plans are, more than ever before in human history, an unscrupulous attempt to sustain a multi-billion, global system of fraud and deception by misusing governments and national and international parliaments to pass protection and muzzling laws, and to prevent affordable health care based on natural, non-patentable remedies.

Never before in human history has a greater responsibility fallen on a generation's shoulders than on ours here and today. Either we will now succeed in liberating humanity from the scourge of the business with disease, or this unscrupulous branch of industry will continue to enslave humanity for generations to come.

We have come here today to show our strength and our resolve: no one has the right to prevent our free access to natural remedies. No one has the right to endanger our health intentionally by withholding vital information. Health is a human right for us and for people the world over!

From tomorrow, representatives of the pharmaceutical cartel's global operations and its political henchmen will meet here in Bonn behind closed doors, under the patronage of the German federal government. The aim of this meeting is, once again, to try to enforce a global prohibition on effective natural remedies which are free of side effects.

This first worldwide protection law of the globalisation era aims to defend a whole branch of industry from collapse. For it has long been clear that vitamin therapies and other non-patentable natural remedies have become effective and economical alternatives to pharmaceutical medicine.

In order to implement these pharmaceutical cartel protection laws, the cartel and its political henchmen are spreading the myth of the supposed side effects of vitamins and other natural remedies, deceiving citizens into believing that the Codex Alimentarius is a kind of consumer protection regulation.

This threadbare claim is the reverse of the truth. No one has yet died from the non-existent side effects of vitamins and other natural remedies. But by contrast over a million people die each year from the known fatal side effects of prescribable pharmaceutical drugs. The pharmaceutical drug VIOXX, which has now been withdrawn, was taken by over 80 million people throughout the world. Even after withdrawal of this drug, the time bomb of long-term side effects is ticking on in these people. According to the US drug registration authority, umpteen thousand patients will die of VIOXX-induced heart attacks in the next few years, although they have long since stopped taking it.

In view of the Lipobay and Vioxx scandals, it is incomprehensible that the governments of the world do not step up the search for natural alternatives, but continue to back the fraudulent pharmaceutical business with disease.

We say: we need consumer protection against the side effects of pharmaceutical pills, and not against the supposed side effects of vitamins!
Participants at the Codex Alimentarius conference here in Bonn next week bear responsibility for the continued deaths of millions of people from diseases which should long ago have been relegated to the past.

We reject any democratic legitimacy which the Codex Alimentarius may claim to have. With the exception of a few independent participants some of whom are here amongst us today most members of this so-called commission of experts are arbitrarily appointed representatives who promote the interests of the global pharmaceutical cartel.

We reject the right of Gerhard Schröder, as patron of this unscrupulous event, to ignore the health and vital interests of 80 million people in Germany, and to misuse millions of euros from German taxpayers to fund an event organised by the global pharmaceutical lobby. We condemn him for helping to implement the pharmaceutical cartel's Codex plans to keep people throughout the world in submission to its yoke.

Gerhard Schrder (c) www.bundesregierung.de
Joschka Fischer (c) www.bundeskanzler.de
We also reject any legitimacy the UN may claim to have to implement such unscrupulous plans, supposedly on behalf of the world's citizens, which will lead to the predictable death of hundreds of millions of people. With its decision in June of this year to retrospectively legitimise the invasion of Iraq, a war declared to be an infringement of international law has been justified after the event. With this fatal decision the 16 members of the World Security Council including Joschka Fischer have knowingly destroyed the UN charter and the international legal system based on it.
From now on any country is fair game for global commercial and military interests, and the UN charter, the sole protection for 150 small countries, has been irredeemably destroyed.

In view of these sobering facts, we have to ask: What legitimacy can we still accord to UN organisations WHO and FAO in whose name the unscrupulous Codex plans are to be implemented? The plain answer is that the destruction of the UN charter in June of this year has also destroyed the legitimacy of UN organisations, which are all based on this charter.

And that is why all decisions which the Codex Alimentarius Commission takes next week will have no international legality, and why no country in the world will be obliged to adhere to them.

In contrast to the undemocratic Codex event, we represent the interests of millions of people in Germany, Europe and the whole world. We are not here today for ourselves alone, but in order to represent the health and vital interests of 6 billion people, who are directly threatened by the Codex Alimentarius plans. The fact that the great majority of these people have not yet heard of the Codex Alimentarius is further evidence of the fact that the pharmaceutical cartel and its henchmen can only operate in the shadows and behind closed doors, and like vampires avoid daylight.

On behalf of the world's people we now urge the members of the Codex Alimentarius Commission to relinquish the pharmaceutical cartel's unscrupulous Codex plans immediately.

Free access to natural remedies must not be restricted, but instead promoted.

Natural health is a human right and must be anchored in law in all countries of the world.

We have been accused of labouring under a mistaken conspiracy theory in our battle against the Codex Alimentarius. This argument is easy to refute: one only has to take a clear look at the tendencies at work in the pharmaceutical business with disease, and be familiar with the history of this branch of industry's systematic development through the course of the 20th century.

Let us look firstly at the tendencies underlying the pharmaceutical investment industry. These can be summarised in a few points:

  1. The pharmaceutical industry is an investment industry which does not profit from promoting the health of human beings but from the perpetuation and spread of diseases.

  2. The speculative commodities of this branch of industry are synthetic molecules which are patentable. It is these patent fees which determine return on investment', i.e. the profit margin.

  3. The prevention and the eradication of diseases destroy multi-billion sales markets for the pharmaceutical industry and are thus combated by the latter. That is why over 80 percent of the pharmaceutical drugs marketed today are not proven to cure, but just repress symptoms.

  4. In order to conceal and perpetuate this multi-billion fraudulent business, the pharmaceutical industry primarily invests its profits in making whole social domains such as medicine, the media and politics dependent upon it. The biggest fraudulent business in human history functions in an astonishingly simple way: millions of people are promised the commodity health, but what is delivered is in fact just more and more illness thus creating ever new sales markets.

  5. Vitamins and other scientifically based natural remedies threaten the survival of the multi-billion pharmaceutical investment industry for two reasons: firstly they are not patentable and are thus unsuited as an investment industry's speculative commodities. Secondly, and still more importantly, they eradicate the cellular causes of endemic diseases and thus prevent the perpetuation of these endemic diseases as multi-billion sales markets for pharmaceutical drugs.

  6. The pharmaceutical investment business with disease and the worldwide use of vitamin therapies to eradicate illnesses are mutually incompatible. It will be either the financial interests of a handful of pharmaceutical shareholders that win the day or the health interests of six billion people. Both together will not work.

  7. Illnesses will continue to exist for as long as there is a branch of industry which earns multi-billion profits from the continued existence of these illnesses. Only by getting rid of the pharmaceutical business with disease will humanity succeed in freeing itself from today's endemic diseases.

Now let us turn briefly to a short survey of the history of the pharmaceutical industry:

At the end of the 19th century, the patentability of synthetic molecules was developed as the foundation of the pharmaceutical investment industry. Aspirin and other chemical substances were the first medicines representative of this new investment business with disease.

In 1915 the oil billionaire Rockefeller established the Rockefeller Foundation, using its charitable status as a cover for targeted investment in the development of a new multi-billion industry, the pharmaceutical industry.

The global greed of the US Rockefeller cartel and the German IG Farben cartel the latter consisting of Bayer, BASF and Höchst increasingly collided. On 9 November 1929 an historic agreement was signed: the two cartels divided the world between them. The Rockefeller Group was promised the global oil industry, while IG Farben took the global chemical industry for itself.

John D. Rockefeller (c) shots.oxo.li

But IG Farben did not keep this agreement, for it still had an ace up its sleeve. Bayer, BASF and Hoechst became the biggest election donors for Hitler's rise to power. IG Farben's investments in these politicians initially seemed to have paid off. Whenever the Wehrmacht invaded a European country, IG Farben was already in the passenger seat and seized the chemical industries and oil fields of Europe free of charge.

Isn't it astonishing? Today's rulers want to convince us, the people of Germany and the world, that the Second World War was a kind of accident of history, triggered by a psychopath named Hitler. The fact is, however, that wars, both now and in the past, have always had primarily economic motives. The Second World War was no exception.

At the Nuremberg war crimes trial against 24 IG Farben bosses, the chief US prosecutor Telford Taylor said that without the financial interests of IG Farben, Hitler's rise to power and the Second World War would not have been possible.

Telford Taylor (c) www.law.umkc.edu

Fritz ter Meer Fritz Ter Meer and other IG Farben executive board members were sentenced to imprisonment for many years.

But instead of a wholesale break-up of the IG Farben cartel, the Rockefeller Group's influence amongst the victorious powers succeeded in papering over the cracks.

The Rockefeller Group in other words, its former competitor took over the share package of IG Farben. Former war criminals such as Ter Meer took on directorship of the resurrected pharmaceutical and chemical Groups Bayer, BASF and Hoechst.

A certain Ludwig Erhard played a leading role in these brazen staff appointments. He publicly declared that the choice of post-war directors was made on the basis of the specialist knowledge and experience of the IG Farben managers in the commercial and chemical-technical field.

And since back-scratching is mutual, the former IG Farben man Ludwig Erhard was soon appointed finance minister in post-war Germany, and even German Chancellor in 1963.

As well as being the year when Ludwig Erhard became Chancellor and Fritz Ter Meer resumed chairmanship of the Bayer Group's board of directors, 1963 was also when the German government took over chairmanship of the UN's so-called experts' commission to protect worldwide pharmaceutical interests. This was given the as yet unknown name of Codex Alimentarius.

The Codex Alimentarius meeting in Bonn next week is thus embedded in a long historical tradition of forces which have never shown any concern for the interests of human beings, but have always only been serviceable political puppets of their cartel masters.

In 1982, a former pharmaceutical spokesman of BASF seized the top job in the German federal government through a so-called constructive vote of no confidence. His name was Helmut Kohl. The pharmaceutical cartel had given Kohl a leg-up from being an ordinary BASF member of staff to someone who occupied the central corridors of power. For 16 years Helmut Kohl promoted the pharmaceutical cartel's global political interests from the Chancellor's office of the Federal Republic of Germany.

On 21 June 1997, all these links and the role of Kohl - who was still Chancellor - as the puppet of the pharmaceutical cartel, were revealed for the first time. In my talk at Chemnitz municipal hall, I also pointed out that the pharmaceutical cartel is itself the biggest obstacle to humanity's self-emancipation from endemic diseases.

Helmut Kohl (c) www.unifr.ch

This talk and its circulation in the context of the incipient Health Alliance, was the start of a process of awakening in Germany, which culminated initially in the impressive election defeat of Chancellor Kohl one year later, in September 1998.

With the election defeat of its political henchman Helmut Kohl, pharmaceutical investment circles, mainly coordinated through Deutsche Bank, sought a new home. Their choice fell on the USA, where a certain George Walker Bush was starting to coordinate the global interests of the Rockefeller Group via the White House and the Pentagon.

In order to facilitate this enormous transfer of the pharmaceutical investment industry from its former stronghold in Germany to its new stronghold in the USA, it was decided that Deutsche Bank would merge with the Bankers Trust of America, one of the biggest US investment banks. Everything had been perfectly prepared, but then it happened: US government official Alan Hevisi, who was responsible for financial mergers in New York, threatened to blast the multi-billion merger sky-high by arguing that Deutsche bank had not yet paid compensation for its past transgressions in financing the Nazi rise to power, the Second World War and construction of Auschwitz concentration camp.

To enable the pharmaceutical investment industry to move to the USA nevertheless, a diversionary manoeuvre had to be instigated which would distract the attention of the media and the international public until the investment bank merger had been signed and sealed.

This was the beginning of the Kosovo war. Schröder and Fischer became the engines driving this war forwards. When Oskar Lafontaine then the third most powerful man in German political corridors refused to countenance the war, he had to go. On 24 March 1999 the first bombs fell on Kosovo.

Three months and more than 10,000 dead later, on 4 June 1999, the Kosovo conflict was declared over in a triumphant statement by Federal Chancellor Schröder in Cologne. On the same day, 4 June 1999, Deutsche Bank announced that its deal with Bankers Trust of America had been signed and sealed. Gerhard Schroeder allowed his name to be celebrated: the Kosovo peace declaration was given the name Pax Schroeder.

Under cover of the Kosovo war, the whole pharmaceutical investment industry had transferred from the home of the defeated pharmaceutical puppet Kohl to that of the new pharmaceutical puppet George W. Bush. It was not only the pharmaceutical investment industry which moved with Deutsche Bank, but also the whole know-how for bringing governments to power against the will of the people, and stage managing wars and crises in order to pass emergency legislation which then open the doors wide for cartel interests. The parallels between the Reichstag fire in Berlin in 1933 and 11 September in New York are not a matter of coincidence. George W. Bush (c) www.tribuneindia.com

The day after tomorrow, on 2 November 2004, the new political puppet of the pharmaceutical cartel will stand for re-election. If he is elected, emergency legislation to shore up the global power of the pharmaceutical cartel will be implemented, if need be with military force.

Humanity is currently undergoing one of the most critical phases in its history. Only those who see what is happening, who are willing to learn more, will be able to stand up to these powers.

The Dr. Rath Health Foundation and the members of our Health Alliance have seen that these are the same interests which, on a global scale, are responsible for illness and war. We are working to promote a healthy, peaceful and just world. If you believe that you too must do something, talk to us and commit yourself.

We appeal to the world's people to join us with the aim of liberating the earth from today's endemic diseases. Help us to make health an inalienable human right. No one has the right to withhold vital health information from us.

We urge the world's politicians to combat the pharmaceutical industry's plans to pass laws which prohibit dissemination of vital health information on vitamin therapies and natural remedies. We say No to the pharmaceutical cartel's Codex plans!

Together let us use the breakthrough in natural medicine research and Cellular Medicine to eradicate endemic diseases for this and all future generations. Let us work together for a healthy, peaceful and just world!

Many thanks.