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I hereby call upon all delegates to the CCNFSDU to throw out the current Guidelines agreed at the meeting in Bonn between 1 st and 5 th November 2004 and replace them with the following, simple standards:

  • The right of unrestricted access for all to information about the scientifically proven health benefits of vitamins and other natural therapies, as the key to a long and healthy life without risk of side effects
  • The right to education for all about life-saving natural health therapies, so that every child grows up with the knowledge that offers them the chance to gain control over their health
  • The right of every individual to choose to use scientifically proven, safe, effective and affordable natural remedies to support their health, thus leading to the prospect of the eradication of cardiovascular disease, cancer and many other of today’s common health problems

As a United Nations body, Codex Alimentarius standards MUST accord with the current scientific thinking promoted by the UN itself (e.g. the report of the joint WHO/FAO expert consultation ‘Diet, nutrition and the prevention of chronic diseases’) and I therefore call upon you to support the standards proposed above, rather than the restrictive and dangerous standards proposed by the current Guidelines.

If you continue to support standards that blatantly ignore the evidence and restrict access to scientifically proven, safe, effective and affordable natural health remedies, you will be guilty of condemning millions of people to death from preventable diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease and should be held to account for these crimes.

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