South African Lawsuit Exposes
Pharmaceutical Colonialism


Introduction Part A:
The Background Of This Case

The Hamburg Case

The Pharmaceutical Investment Business With Disease

Criticism Of The Pharmaceutical Business With Disease
From Within The Medical Profession

The Connection Between This Litigation And Pharmaceutical Interests

The Scientific Facts About Pharmaceutical AIDS Drugs

The Pharmaceutical Industry's Approach To AIDS As A Global Market

The Far-Reaching Consequences Of The
Pharmaceutical Business With The AIDS Epidemic

Micronutrients As A Science-Based Natural Approach
To Improving Immune Function And Fighting Immune Deficiencies

The Position Of The World Health Organization And Other
UN Organizations On Micronutrients And Immune Deficiencies And AIDS

Introduction Part B:
The Global Historical Perspective Of This Case

The History Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical Industry Behind The
Medical Experiments In Nazi Concentration Camps

The Nazi Concentration Camps As Testing Grounds
For The Precursor Drugs Of ARVs

The Influence Of The Pharmaceutical Industry In South Africa

Apartheid Legislation Protecting The Pharmaceutical Investment Business

This Application Uncovers The Stakeholders Of
Pharmaceutical Interests In South Africa

The Missing Link: The Historical Parallels Of The “TAC”

The Political Goals Pursued By The Applicants With This Application

Introduction Part C:
The Work Of The Dr. Rath Health Foundation

Scientific Contributions By Dr. Rath

Independent Confirmation Of Our Micronutrient Research

The Non-Profit Nature Of Our Global Health Efforts

Natural Health Research And Advocacy – The History Of Our Foundation

The Work Of Our Foundation In South Africa

The Community Health Programme in Khayelitsha

The Micronutrient Programme

The Pharmaceutical Investment Business
As The Primary Beneficiary Of This Litigation

Introduction Part D:
Introduction Summary

Pharmaceutical Colonialism And Its Consequences For Developing Countries

The Deceptive Nature Of Pharmaceutical Colonialism

Civil Society As A Strategic Target Of Pharmaceutical Colonialism

The Escalating AIDS Crisis As An Instrument Of
Pharmaceutical Colonialism To Maintain Economic Dependency

Terminating Pharmaceutical Colonialism As A Precondition
For Economic Indepencence Of The Developing World