The Escalating AIDS Crisis As An Instrument Of
Pharmaceutical Colonialism To Maintain Economic Dependency

  1. Under this "Samaritan" cover, pharmaceutical colonialism has developed into one of the most deadly forms of colonialism ever. Drug multinationals use the immune deficiency disease AIDS and other diseases as a multi-billion rand export markets for their toxic and largely ineffective drugs.
  2. To consistently expand their AIDS markets and create ever more economic dependency, the pharmaceutical multinationals are using unscrupulous marketing schemes: They promote to patients suffering from immune deficiency diseases, toxic drugs that further damage the immune system, rendering their bodies susceptible to new infectious diseases and, thereby, creating new drug markets.
  3. Pharmaceutical colonialism takes the lives of people across Africa and the developing world in genocidal proportions and the economies of entire continents are being kept in shackles.
  4. Most importantly, pharmaceutical colonialism is one of the most important strategic tools used today by the former colonial powers to maintain the economic dependency of their former colonies and to cement economic injustice and dependency between the developing and industrialised world. Two out of three pharmaceutical leading export nations today are identical with the colonial empires of the previous century, namely Great Britain and Germany .

Terminating Pharmaceutical Colonialism As A Precondition
For Economic Indepencence Of The Developing World

  1. It is a sobering analysis that the escalating AIDS crisis is not driven by a lack of ARV drugs but by the consequence of pharmaceutical colonialism strategically promoting these toxic drugs. The sooner this analysis is accepted by the people and governments of the world, the sooner the AIDS epidemic can be halted and ultimately controlled.
  2. Since the AIDS epidemic has been developed as a strategic tool of pharmaceutical colonialism to cement the economic imbalance between the industrialized and the developing world, controlling and ultimately ending the AIDS epidemic is a key to overcoming this global injustice. The termination of pharmaceutical colonialism has become a precondition for the independent economic progress for the developing countries.
  3. The implementation of micronutrients and other science based natural health approaches into public health policies is a strategic tool to reach this goal and terminate pharmaceutical colonialism as well as its devastating consequences on human lives and the economies of developing nations.
  4. Towards this end, those countries determined to liberate themselves from pharmaceutical colonialism must take advantage of science based natural health. It is an undisputed scientific fact that optimum nutrition, particularly vitamins and other micronutrients improves the immune function in the human body and that is the basis of any effective and sustainable national and international health policies to prevent the development of AIDS and to improve the quality of life and life expectancy of people living with AIDS.
  5. The implementation of these basic facts of biological science into public health strategies will provide valuable time until ultimate cures, including vaccines, will be found to ultimately eliminate AIDS and other diseases.
  6. The sooner this path is taken by the countries of the developing world, the sooner the economies of African and other developing nations will recover from the strangulating burden of “tribute” payments to pharmaceutical multinationals for the import of useless, but expensive drugs. In this way, hundreds of billions of Rand will become available for food programmes, education, job creation and other urgent social needs in Africa and across the developing world.
  7. The end of the AIDS epidemic means the end of the pharmaceutical business with this epidemic. There is no question that the drug multinationals will do everything in their power to prevent these multi-billion Rand losses – including litigation to block the advance of natural health.
  8. But now, with this comprehensive background information being part of public awareness, the interests of pharmaceutical colonialism can no longer win this battle. Now it is up to the people, to defend their constitutional right to health and life.
  9. The liberation of mankind from the yoke of the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’ is the largest liberation movement of all time. This battle is being fought and will be won to the benefit of this generation and all generations to come.