The Pharmaceutical Investment Business
As The Primary Beneficiary Of This Litigation

  1. This litigation launched by the “TAC” and the Board of the “South African Medical Association” is a historic document, for it tries – by legal means – to sustain what is unsustainable and to defend what is indefensible: the false promise that ARVs are proven therapies to prevent or treat either HIV or AIDS.
  2. The real beneficiaries of this litigation are, of course, not the people of South Africa, but the multinational drug companies and their multibillion Rand markets with toxic ARV drugs.
  3. After a quarter of a century the pharmaceutical business with the AIDS epidemic based on toxic ARV drugs has been unmasked as a giant fraud on the public. With the help of ARV promoting organizations, drugs that are highly toxic and entirely unproven to cure HIV and AIDS are being promoted to an unaware public with the false promise to be effective treatments for HIV and AIDS.
  4. Over a quarter of a century, millions of HIV-infected people around the world have been turned into human guinea pigs. I have no doubt, that the genocidal consequences of the pharmaceutical business with the AIDS epidemic will soon be recognized as one of the largest crimes against humanity ever committed.
  5. This would not be the first time that the pharmaceutical business interests are involved – and in fact responsible – for crimes against humanity of that magnitude. Above, I have provided abundant evidence that the very same pharmaceutical/chemical investment interests have been responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent victims of deadly “human experiments” with patented pharmaceutical drugs in the concentration camps. Moreover, some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical executives have been sentenced once before by an international tribunal for crimes against humanity, including mass murder and slavery.
  6. With the fraudulent nature of its ARV business now being evident for everyone to see, the pharmaceutical investment business with ARV drugs is fighting for its survival. These interest groups have their own strategy with this litigation:
    1. Their goal is not to attack vitamins as dangerous – because they are, of course, not – rather than to distract from the fact that their merchandise – ARVs – are both highly toxic and “no cure for HIV infections”. That is the interest of the pharmaceutical investment business in this litigation all.
    2. Their goal is not to outlaw any natural vitamins and micronutrients, but rather to protect the “monopoly” of toxic, unproven ARVs as the “only proven therapy for HIV/AIDS.” To uphold this claim – for that the ARV producing drug companies seek a “seal of approval.”
    3. Their real goal is not to question the life-saving properties of vitamins and other micronutrients – because anyone doing that would immediately disqualify himself – but to sustain the role of ARVs as the “answer” to the AIDS epidemic. To sustain the unsustainable – for that the pharmaceutical multinationals seek any legal endorsement they can get.
    4. Their real goal is not to “protect” the people of South Africa from allegedly “unproven” vitamin therapies – but to get the legal blessing to continue their promotional campaigns of toxic and unproven drugs. That is the interest of the pharmaceutical investment business in this litigation.
  7. The beneficiaries of the Application launched by the “TAC” and the Board of the “South African Medical Association” are not the people of South Africa , but the multinational pharmaceutical companies and their multibillion Rand business with toxic, patented ARV drugs.
  8. By launching this litigation, the Applicants are seeking to get the legal “seal of approval” for ARV drugs as a “cure” for HIV and AIDS – a claim rejected by every regulatory authority in the world, and explicitly denied in the product information of ARV drugs around the world.
  9. As it happened before, in a litigation brought about by one of the Applicants against the government of South Africa, any Court ruling in favour of the Applicants would be used as the basis for a global propaganda campaign creating the public perception of ARVs as a “court approved” cure for HIV infection and AIDS – a claim denied to them by regulatory authorities around the world, for lack of scientific evidence.
  10. Aware of the fact that the Honourable Court knows about the controversy surrounding ARVs, and aware of the impossibility to have the science-based value of vitamins challenged, the Applicants try to “convince” the Honourable Court by bringing their public defamation campaign against me and the Dr Rath Foundation from the streets of South Africa into the court room.
  11. This entire case is not about establishing medical facts and – even less about protecting the public. This is a politically motivated case with far-reaching implications particularly for millions of people in South Africa and the developing world. These implications are summarized in the following Section of this Application.