Natural Health Research And Advocacy – The History Of Our Foundation

  1. Following is a short description of the history of our Foundation. After recognizing the importance of my initial scientific discoveries I approached leading pharmaceutical companies in an effort to win them for a corporation in order to make these important discoveries available to benefit the people worldwide.
  2. In the context of these efforts I personally visited pharmaceutical companies including Hoffman-LaRoche in Basel, Switzerland, and Schering in Berlin, Germany, to give scientific presentations about these discoveries.
  3. The representatives of these companies explicitly acknowledged the value of these discoveries, but, after some consideration, decided not to take advantage of them. The arguments provided were sobering: they did not want to compete with patented products, which they had in their product “pipeline.” In recognition of the scientific value of our research, I was offered the financial support for a research assistant, but I decided to decline this because, in my view, it did not reflect the global responsibility of what needed to be done.
  4. It was only later that I realized another reason why these corporations showed no interest in a collaboration: six years later, Hofman-LaRoche and other companies had lured into a “vitamin cartel” pleaded guilty of criminal price-fixing charges in connection with vitamin C and other micronutrients and paid a fine in the magnitude of hundreds of millions of dollars. I was able to trace back the dates of the origin of this price-fixing scandal to my visit at this company.
  5. In order to develop this important field of research and – despite the disinterest of pharmaceutical companies – I founded my own research institute. Since no other funding for natural health research was available, we decided to make the research results in natural health available to the public in form of micronutrients programmes. The revenues from the sales of these products served to promote further research in this field. I was supported in these efforts by Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki.
  6. By 1999 we were able to establish our own research laboratory and immediately started to focus on the field of micronutrients in the fight against cancer and other diseases. Today our research Institute comprises more than 20 scientists and scientific staff, and is being headed by Dr. Niedzwiecki.
  7. Throughout the years, we have used the profits from the sale of the micronutrient programmes to finance our natural health research as well as public education in this field.
  8. By 2004 I took the decision to formalize this non-profit character of our research and education efforts. I transferred 100% of the shares I owned to a non-profit foundation Inc. according to the laws of the Netherland.