The Missing Link: The Historical Parallels Of The “TAC”

  1. This South African pressure group is the first applicant, the “TAC”. In a recent court case, the High Court of Cape Town did not find any objection in the following characterization of the “TAC’s” activities: “It organises rented crowds for the drug industry” and “it forces the government to spend millions of Rand on toxic drugs.”
  2. Thus, in the middle of South African society, there exists an organization, the “TAC”, that attacks the democratically elected government of South Africa and its health policy with the goal to force the mass import of toxic ARV drugs. Since ARVs cannot cure AIDS and in many cases cause severe harm, the only beneficiaries of this promotion strategy are the drug companies.
  3. From the perspective of the globally operating pharmaceutical interests, the developing world does not yield the same profits as the health markets in the industrialized world, due to the low average income of the people. In order to turn the developing world into another lucrative market for the drug business, the governments of these countries are pressured to spend a substantial part of their budget to pay for these drugs. For antibiotics and other useful drugs, no pressure is needed because any responsible government will voluntarily do its utmost to provide them to those who need them. Not so, of course, with toxic ARVs. These highly controversial drugs can only be pushed into a country with the help of organizations that organise rented crowds for the drug industry and force the government to spend millions of Rand on toxic drugs.
  4. It is therefore important to evaluate the activities of the “TAC” organization and unmask its deceptive nature. Most importantly, the question has to be answered: Is there an historical parallel of such a subversive operation coercing and even trying to destabilize a government on behalf of special interest groups? Such an historic parallel exists.
  5. The operation of the “TAC” is almost a copy of the activities of the “brown shirt” organization in pre-WWII Germany , also known as “Sturm-Abteilung,” “SA” (i. e. “storm troopers”). As detailed in the Nuremberg War Crime Tribunals and other historic records, this organization was founded during the early Nazi movement in the 1920s with the goal to destabilize German democracy and replace it with the Nazi dictatorship (Annexure ‘The Crime And Punishement of I.G. Farben’).
  6. As detailed above, the primary economic beneficiaries of this dictatorship were the chemical/pharmaceutical corporations. Thus, it was not surprising that these corporations were the main financiers for the build-up of the “brown shirt” organisation.
  7. The obvious parallels between the “TAC” and the “brown shirts” goals and activities are documented in the following paragraphs:
    1. Then the goal of the “brown shirts” was to destabilize a democratically elected government ( Germany ) on behalf of corporate interests and their political stake holders.

      Today, the goal of the “TAC” is to attack the South African government, destabilize the political situation and split the ruling party with the goal to establish a new political leadership in the country that is voluntarily “spending millions of Rands for toxic drugs.”
    2. Then, the financiers of the “brown shirts” and the primary beneficiaries of their success in bringing down democracy were “IG Farben,” the largest chemical and pharmaceutical multinational at that time. The records of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal detail the channelling of immense amounts of money from “IG Farben” to the “brown shirts” through third parties and other obscure channels.

      Today , the “TAC” receives almost all its financial support from abroad. Tens of millions of Rands each year originate from various sponsor organisations from the leading export nations of pharmaceutical products.
    3. Then , the cover for the “brown shirts” to mask their real goals was the slogan of “law and order.” Dressed in brown uniforms these street thugs spread propaganda and terror in the streets, demolishing Jewish stores, attacking the government and agonizing society – all the while being portrayed by certain media as the “ordering element.”

      Today , the “TAC” is masking its real goals to “force the government to spend millions of Rand for toxic drugs” and trying to discredit the position of the present political leaders under the deception of “helping people” and fighting for “ARVs for all!”
    4. Then, the methods used by the “brown shirts” street thugs were propaganda and open street terror.

      Today , the methods used by the “TAC” street thugs are “ARV propaganda,” including attacks on government representatives and “street terror” including violent demonstrations and destruction of property.
    5. Then, the strategy of the “brown shirts” thugs would not have worked without the protection by media close to the chemical/pharmaceutical investment interests who played an active role in disseminating the “brown shirts” propaganda and deceptively portraying its activities as the “ordering element” in the “new Germany ”.

      Today, the “TAC’s” propaganda is echoed by certain media in South Africa which are controlled by international media conglomerates and investment houses with ties to the globally operating chemical/pharmaceutical interests. In a complete distortion of the facts, the “street terror” of the “TAC” thugs is being portrayed by these media as “civil courage” and the “fight for human rights.”
    6. Then, the origins of the “brown shirts” were in the sport and “physical exercise” clubs of the 1920s, until being a split off as an independent organization with a new set of goals to use “physical exercise” for street terror – made possible with abundant financial support from special interest groups.

      Today, the “TAC” was deliberately split off from the National Association of People Living with AIDS (NAPWA), with new goals, namely to “campaign for drugs” (hence the name Treatment Action Campaign) in the interest of special interest groups.
    7. Then, the “brown shirts” organisation was led by ruthless and highly compromised individuals, while the followers were mainly unemployed and impoverished victims of the economic crisis in the 1920s who were lured into the “brown shirts” organization with a “beer, a sausage and a brown shirt” – courtesy of IG Farben – in return for their participation in street riots.

      Today, the “TAC” is led by a handful of unscrupulous individuals luring unemployed and inexperienced juveniles from the poor townships of South Africa into buses with the promise of a “coke a sandwich and a T-shirt” – courtesy of the “TAC” sponsors – bussing them to the nearby cities to demonstrate against their own government and promoting pharmaceutical drugs by demanding “Free ARVs for all!”
    8. For reference, the strategies and activities of “brown shirts”, their connection to the “IG Farben” sponsors and their role in sabotaging democracy is detailed in the records of the Nuremberg War Crime Tribunal as well as other official records and review books (Annexure ‘The Crime And Punishement of I.G. Farben’).
  8. In the context of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunals historians had to answer two important questions about the role of the “brown shirts” in connection with its attacks on democracy, which bear relevance to the role of the “TAC” in South Africa today:
    1. The first question was, how could it be that major parts of society – including doctors and other intellectual people – could fall prey to the propaganda of “brown shirts”-like street thugs? The answer was sobering:
      1. At that time a global economic crisis threatened to affect all parts of society and this “fear factor” was particularly pronounced in the economically more privileged who feared to loose their privileges. The deceptive “brown shirt” propaganda deliberately promoted this “fear factor” and used the ensuing crisis to blame the democratically elected government for it. By this “ruse” major parts of society were lured into attacking their own government and call for “a strong man.” This “strong man” came and created a dictatorship on behalf of globally operating corporate interests.
      2. The propaganda tactics of the “TAC” today copies these deceptive propaganda strategies of the “brown shirts” from decades ago. In South Africa a health crisis is being used by the “TAC” to attack the government to buy more ARV drugs – but the “TAC’s” goals are much broader. The constant attacks on the government and the relentless civil unrest the “TAC” creates, enhances the climate of a “political crisis” and fear. Just like decades ago in Germany, in South Africa today the economically more privileged parts of society are particularly susceptible to this “fear factor” and are, therefore, vulnerable for falling prey to the radical propaganda of the “TAC” and its street thug methods. By this “ruse” major parts of South African society are being lured into attacking their own government and call for “a strong man.” As it was the case decades ago in Germany and during the Apartheid years in South Africa , this new “strong man” – most likely – would likely be a political stakeholder of global pharmaceutical interests.
    2. The second question that had to be answered by lawyers and historians during the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal was: What was the consequence of German society tolerating this kind of provocation of the government and society – without openly condemning it. The answer to that question became soon obvious too:
      1. The “brown shirts” were an organization deliberately promoted to overthrow the democratically elected government. In order to achieve this goal they used such “methods” as propaganda, riots, demolition of property and physical violence against anyone opposing them. After they had achieved their goal to challenge the government and installed their own political leaders, they translated the same methods used in the streets before to a totally new level: Local civil unrest became the political destabilization of entire nations and street violence in the cities became the military conquest of dozens of countries that ultimately destroyed half of Europe, and cost the lives of 60 million people. Such was the prize the people of Germany and the world had to pay for the leniency towards the rise of the “brown shirts.”
      2. The “TAC” receives tens of millions of Rands annually from foreign donors that are being used not only for propaganda, but also for threats towards members of government representatives, intimidation and defamation of scientists, doctors, and lay people alike – in short anyone with opposing views. The street thug methods the “TAC” adopted from the “brown shirts” included street riots, demolition of property and other strategies causing civil unrest. The lessons of history teach us: any organization modelled after the “brown shirts,” is being “invited” by leniency to expand its subversive activities. It will pursue its goals across any border with all means available – to the physical and economic detriment of millions of people in Africa and beyond.
  9. There are, however, effective strategies to stop such organizations. The first step towards stopping these organizations is to open up the “veil of deception” under which these organizations are operating. With this Application and the necessary response, the veil of the “TAC” has been opened up. The exposure of the parallels between the origins, the goals and the methods of the “TAC” and the “brown shirts” exposes are so compelling that they will enable anyone to see through the deceptive rhetoric of this organisation.
  10. The Dr Rath Foundation has been known for unmasking the nature of the pharmaceutical “business with disease” and unveiling organizations that promote its merchandise. This was also known to organizations in South Africa , like the TAC, that have been in the business of “organizing rented crowds for the drug industry.”.
  11. Since the arrival of our Foundation in the country in 2004, the “TAC” has embarked on a crusade to silence the public education about natural health as well as the “business with disease” through a frenzy of activities, including
    1. Defamation of the Dr Rath Foundation’s work in “TAC” publications
    2. Defamation of our work in other media
    3. Coercion of the “Advertising Standards Agency” and other media to ban the dissemination of our public health information
    4. Attempts to coerce the government authorities to outlaw micronutrients and other natural health approaches
    5. Attempts to coerce government agencies to seize the vitamins we donate to SANCO
    6. Attempts to coerce law enforcement through paid rallies
    7. Abduction of a person that helped to distribute information leaflets in the townships and his forced interrogation inside a “TAC” office
    8. Paid rallies against the work of our Foundation in the townships
    9. Paid rallies against the work of our Foundation in cities
  12. It is immediately apparent that this Application is merely an extension of this long list of efforts by the “TAC” to block the dissemination of science-based natural health information and the exposure of the “business with disease.”
  13. This unrestrained aggression against the educational work of our Foundation corroborates with more and often violent “activities” of the “TAC” in South Africa all of which are matters of public record. This list of “TAC” “activities” includes, but is by far not limited to:
    1. Attacks on the Minister of Health, the President and other democratically elected officials by calling them “murderers” and using other hate language
    2. Intentional destruction of property, such as the exhibits of the South African government at a conference in Toronto
    3. Organizing meetings and rallies with frequently paid supporters indoctrinating them with slogans against the government
    4. Publicly calling for a “Revolution” in South Africa
    5. Causing civil unrest
    6. Trespassing government property. Several “TAC” leaders were actually being charged for this offence (the charges were later dropped).
  14. In contrast, the goal of the Dr Rath Foundation has never been to fight the “TAC”, let alone by using aggression or violence. Our focus is public education in the field of science-based natural health and the exposure of those economic interests that for nearly a century have prevented this information from becoming common place.
  15. This very document outlining the goals and methods of the “TAC” – in particular their historic analogy to the “brown shirts” – may cause fierce reactions on behalf of the “TAC.” They may try to block its publication and any other way of this information becoming public knowledge. But whatever they undertake, it can not alter the facts documented here.
  16. Interestingly, it is the “TAC’s” own litigation – the unethical attempting to prevent life-saving natural health approaches from being used by millions of South Africans – that made this comprehensive analysis about the “TAC” organization necessary. Moreover, the documentation of these facts is a precondition to terminate such unscrupulous activities.
  17. The members of the “TAC” organization named in this Application and responsible for its contents are:

    1. Abdurrazack Achmat, Muizenberg

    2. Mark Heywood, Secretary “TAC,” head of the the “AIDS law project” (“ALP”)

    3. Nathan Geffen, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town
    4. Jo Ford

    5. Sipho Mthathi, Cape Town

    6. Arthur Jokweni

    7. Mandla Majola, Khayelitsha
  18. None of the “TAC” members listed in this publication has any background in medical or scientific research, nor do they make such representations. Thus, it is obvious that this Application, for which the “TAC” is the First Applicant  has to have goals beyond science and medicine. These goals are summarized in the following paragraphs.