1. The Medicines Control Council of South Africa (“MCC”). As discussed above, the role of the “MCC” as a “key instrument” to protect the monopoly of pharmaceutical medicine has been cemented during the Apartheid regime and has had this function until recently. Today, the “MCC” is a democratically controlled regulatory body and has become another good example of the people of South Africa taking control of their destiny.
  2. “Advertising Standards Agency of South Africa ” (“ASA”). As discussed above, the “ASA” is a private company, co-founded by the “Pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s Association of South Africa,” with the goal to protect its market monopoly of patented drugs. Masking its primarily self-serving (“self-regulatory”) purpose, the “ASA” deceptively parades as a democratically controlled and “authoritative” organization. This is clearly not the case. The “ASA’s “ “power” derives from reprimands, bans and other coercive tools towards its member media which “voluntarily” submit themselves to this rule. (For more details I refer to the respective paragraph in Section A of this Introduction).
  3. “Medecins Sans Frontieres” (“MSF”). “MSF” is an international organisation prominently featured by the Applicants as a charitable organisation working in the poor townships of South Africa to help the needy. This presentation is misleading and requires correction:
    1. “MSF” is headquartered in Geneva (the seat of the WHO) and Brussels (the seat of the EU) where also most of the pharmaceutical lobby organizations are located. Under the veil of a charitable operation, “MSF” attracts good-willed young doctors from all over the world and uses them as promoters of pharmaceutical drugs – without providing adequate training in science based nutritional medicine.
    2. The influence on the “MSF” operation by the global pharmaceutical investment business with ARV drugs is provided through its donors as well as the “MSF” Board. The most prominent member of “MSF’s” Board of Advisors is Richard Rockefeller, the son of David Rockefeller Sr., and a member of the Rockefeller Trust, the world’s largest pharmaceutical investment group (Annexure ‘Richard Rockefeller’).
    3. Simultaneously, one of the largest donors to “MSF” is the foundation of the investment bank “Lehmann Brothers” with Christopher Gent, the CEO of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) as its most prominent Board member (Annexure ‘Lehmann Brothers’). As detailed above, GSK is the world’s second largest drug company and the largest manufacturer of ARV drugs.
    4. The “MSF Coordinator” in South Africa prominently featured in the Application is Martha Darder. According to her own affidavit, Darder is the “Coordinator” of the so called “Access to essential medicines campaign” in South Africa and is based in Khayelitsha. The term “essential medicines” is yet another term masking the mere promotion of toxic ARV drugs. Nowhere in their affidavits does Darder or any other “MSF” witness refer to the obvious: The use of micronutrients as biologically “essential” to enhance the immune system of patients suffering from immune deficiency diseases (AIDS).
    5. Particularly appalling is the fact that Darder seems to take pride in the fact that “MSF” is promoting highly toxic ARVs not only to pregnant women, but – through the mothers’ blood circulation – to the unborn babies in the uterus. Covering such “marketing campaigns” for toxic ARVs under deceptive terms like “Mother to child transmission prevention programme” is a hallmark of “MSF” and similar organizations.
  4. Willem Daniel Francois Venter.

    As detailed in Section A, Dr Venter is head of the HIV Clinicians Society, a “special interest group” that focuses on the promotion of ARVs. Dr Venter’s entire academic career is dependent on the validity of the ARV dogma: Essentially all his publications serve the promotion of ARVs, while not a single one of Venter’s publications addresses the key role of micronutrients to improve immune function.
  5. Robert Edwin Dorrington.
    As detailed above, Professor Dorrington has served for a number of years as head of the University of Cape Town Retirement Fund that invests in highly profitable companies, namely in the “rapidly growing pharmaceutical and health care sector.”.
  6. Andrew Loft Gray.
    Dr Gray is a lecturer in pharmacy and a member of the South African Pharmacy Council. Significantly, Gray avoided including any curriculum vitae about his medical research but public research data document that he is yet another promoter of ARV drugs. Gray is the co-author of a book “HIV/AIDS in South Africa .” Gray himself contributed a specific chapter entitled “Challenges of ARVs” – exclusively dealing with AIDS chemotherapy in the form of ARVs and their promotion in the developing world. None of the 35 chapters of this almost 600 page book deals with micronutrients and other natural health approaches (Annexure ‘Gray’).
  7. Leslie London.

    Dr London is Director of Human Rights at the University of Cape Town . His 70 page long affidavit containing unfounded allegations about “unethical experiments“ and his remarkable reinterpretation of the historic facts was dealt with in a previous section of this affidavit entitled “The Pharmaceutical Industry Behind the Medical Experiments in Nazi Concentration Camps.”
  8. Kevin Rebe.
    Dr Rebe is a doctor at GF Jooste Hospital in Cape Town . He indicates that he has recently received a “diploma in HIV medicine”. According to his affidavit, his main function is to deal with HIV infected patients and promote ARV drugs to these patients as therapy. Nowhere in his entire affidavit does he acknowledge the essential role of micronutrients for optimum immune function. Nor does Dr Rebe mention that the recommendation for proper nutrition and micronutrients should be an integral part of any “consultation” of AIDS patients by a responsible physician – and any training course for any “diploma in HIV medicine”.
  9. WJ Du Plooy.
    Dr Du Plooy is Professor of Pharmacology at the Medical University of Southern Africa (MEDUNSA). He is chairman of the so-called “ethics committee” there, a group of individuals who decide which clinical studies they will allow to be conducted. The members of this “ethical committee” did not hesitate to allow the distribution of toxic ARVS to thousands of patients at MEDUNSA, and to allow clinical studies with such harmful substances.

    At the same time this committee has not allowed a single clinical study with science-based natural health approaches like micronutrients – despite their well-established safety record. Thus, this so-called “ethical” committee is apparently used as a “censorship instrument” – installed as “gatekeepers” of pharmaceutical interests at MEDUNSA and other clinics – in order to prevent the gathering of further clinical evidence for the health benefits of nutritional and other natural and safe therapies.
  10. Other witnesses
    In addition to the witnesses above the Applications lists the testimony of certain other individuals, which are presented as follows:
    • Mark Heywood

      The “AIDS Law Project” (“ALP”), Witwatersrand
      Heywood is head of “ALP” and has been the “National Secretary of the “TAC.” The “ALP” and the “TAC” also share much the same foreign financiers, mainly from organizations based in drug exporting nations. The ALP provides legal support and “protection” for the “storm troopers” of the “TAC.” This includes the channelling of foreign nationals into the country who perform services for the “ALP”.

      Together with certain media the “ALP” is part of the scheme to “terrorize” South African society with legal assaults with the same goal as the ”TAC”, namely to “force the government to spend millions of Rand on toxic drugs.” These legal assaults are being staged to bully the courts and public opinion into the false perception of ARVs as effective therapies for AIDS and to hide the non-existing scientific proof for the efficacy of ARV drugs.
    • Jonathan Berger, foreign national

      The AIDS Law Project
    • Dianne Kohler-Barnard, “Democratic Alliance” (DA)

      The “DA” is a political party in South Africa that uses “TAC” slogans for its election campaigns, including such irresponsible demands as “Free ARVs for all!” The “DA” has consistently refused to reveal the funders and financiers of its party activities. It has been described two years ago as “a political party that would not be in parliament without the financial support of the pharmaceutical industry” – a statement that has remained unchallenged since.
    • Eric Goemaere,

      “MSF,” foreign national, temporarily Khayelitsha. The connections of “MSF” with foreign pharmaceutical interests have been described in detail above.
    • Peter Saranchuk, ”MSF,” foreign national, temporarily Khayelisha. (For details about the “MSF” see above”).
    • Andrew Boulle, foreign national, temporarily Khayelitsha.
    • Greg Hussey, foreign national, temporarily Khayelitsha.
    • Rodney Ehrlich, foreign national, temporarily Khayelitsha
    • Gilles van Cutsem, foreign national, temporarily Khayelitsha
    • David Pienaar, Tableview
    • Khopotso Bodibe, journalist
    • Terrence Albert Bell, journalist
  1. Most of the organizations and individuals mentioned in the affidavit and listed in the previous paragraph can be characterized by the following common denominators:
    1. They have direct or indirect economic or professional interests in the promotion of ARV drugs.
    2. They have consistently misled the public by deceptively representing ARV drugs as being able to prevent and treat HIV and AIDS.
    3. Many of these individuals are foreign nationals, channelled into South Africa under the pretext of “charity work” by foreign organizations with links to the pharmaceutical investment business.
    4. None of them has ever done any significant scientific research or gathered comprehensive clinical experience with science-based natural health and in particular the Application of micronutrients.
    5. None of them has ever promoted micronutrients in a clinically effective way to improve the immune system of patients suffering from immune deficiencies and AIDS.
    6. None of them qualifies to assess, let alone challenge, our research expertise in the area of micronutrients and science-based based natural health.
  2. The list of individuals mentioned above should be taken as the starting point for an immediate and comprehensive education programme in basic biology with a focus on the key role of micronutrients in optimizing the function of the immune system. Allowing them to maintain their current position on ARVs and to continue promoting these toxic drugs as the only solution to AIDS will severely compromise public health in South Africa.
  3. Knowing about the severe toxicity and the high costs of ARVs, the globally operating pharmaceutical interests knew that it would be close to impossible to develop profitable marketing strategies for these drugs especially in the developing world. In order to solve this “problem” and organize public pressure on the government of South Africa to spend billions of Rand to mass import these drugs, they had to develop special strategies. This was the birth hour of “pressure groups” disguising behind “charitable motives” but operating like ordinary street thugs with the goal to attack the government domestically and trying to discredit it internationally.