The Nazi Concentration Camps As Testing Grounds
For The Precursor Drugs Of ARVs

  1. A third group of chemical substances creates a direct link between the organizers of the Auschwitz concentration camp half a century ago, and the global ARV market today.
  2. Between 1935 and 1939 scientists from “Bayer” / “IG Farben” filed no less than six US-Patents on new chemically active molecules called “azo” compounds. Their basic structure is remarkably simple in that it essentially combines two nitrogen (N) molecules with a double bond ( - N = N - ). The patents filed by the “Bayer” scientists specifically referred to the “bacterizidal” action of these compounds.
  3. Thus, beside the compounds described above, the scientists of “Bayer” / “IG Farben” had launched a new group of chemical agents that would ultimately interchangeably be marketed as cancer drugs as well as “antiretrovirals.”
  4. Over the past decades this class of chemotherapy drugs was further modified to improve its “effectiveness.” In a “Lego block” fashion the drug companies added to the toxic “Azo” group ( - N = N -, i.e. two nitrogen molecules) another nitrogen molecule to turn it into an even more toxic “Azido” group ( - N = N = N -, i.e. three nitrogen molecules ). This highly toxic active molecule was subsequently chemically coupled to a nucleic acid, a building block of DNA. This was done to make sure that the toxic Azido-group enters every cell in the organism it is given to.
  5. This new class of toxic chemicals included the substance “ azido-thymidine ” – better known under its abbreviation “AZT.” AZT was originally tested as a cancer drug, but was quickly abandoned due to its extreme toxicity and severe side-effects particularly for the immune system.
  6. Remarkably, this toxic substance AZT was re-introduced into medicine with the advent of the immune deficiency disease AIDS. Driven by a patent that suggests the use of this substance to treat HIV and AIDS, AZT was reborn. Driven by unprecedented marketing machinery, AZT, a toxic substance known to harm and destroy the immune system is now being offered as an option to treat immune deficiency disease AIDS.
  7. Today, this toxic molecule “AZT,” has been promoted into the number one selling drug in the global HIV/AIDS market with global annual sales surpassing billions of Rands – without any clinical proof that it in fact can treat HIV or AIDS.
  8. Just as in the cancer market, the chemotherapy drugs for the HIV AIDS business had their origins in the laboratories of “IG Farben”, the corporate beneficiaries of slave labour and “medical experiments” with concentration camp victims.
  9. The common goal of the two Applicants, the “TAC” and the South African Medical Association, is the promotion of these and other toxic “anti-retroviral” drugs to fight HIV. It speaks for itself that the Applicants – while promoting precisely those “chemotherapy” drugs – are fighting me for my pioneering research into effective and safe natural health approaches that would have rendered these drugs obsolete in the first place.
  10. A particularly deceptive and heinous effort on the part of the Applicants is the fact that they try to portray me as a “criminal” – who, just like his German predecessors risks the lives of innocent people – while it is the Applicants themselves who are in the business of doing just that: risking the health and lives of millions of people with the promotion of highly toxic ARV drugs.
  11. The historical facts marshalled in this part of my affidavit nullify the allegations made by the Applicants in connection with “unethical experiments” and turn them against the Applicants.
  12. Most importantly, these facts justify the urgent question: who protects the people of South Africa and the world today from becoming victims of the next genocide conducted on a much bigger scale and driven by the same motives – the greed of the pharmaceutical investment business?