Introduction Part B:
The Global Historical Perspective Of This Case

  1. The Applicants allege that I am acting against the policies of the WHO and other UN-Organizations while – in fact – I am helping to implement them. Even worse, this Application accuses me of such serious crimes as endangering the health of people and even killing them while – in fact – I am helping to improve the quality of lives and in many cases saving them.
  2. Even more significant, these allegations are being made by organizations that – themselves - are compromising the health and risking the lives of millions of people by promoting the mass application of highly toxic ARV drugs while at the same time publicly attacking textbook knowledge of biology about the preventive and therapeutic value of micronutrients in the control of AIDS.
  3. The “TAC” and the “South African Medical Association” are accusing us – a non-profit organization – of deceiving and harming millions of people out of profit motives, while at the same time they themselves promote toxic drugs from pharmaceutical investment companies, the entire future of which are based on maximizing the return on their financial investments.
  4. The only logical explanation for these remarkable allegations is that the Applicants are trying to distract from the business practices and motives of the drug companies, whose merchandise they promote. This sobering analysis is, of course, a profound accusation and it should not be made without substantiation.
  5. Above all, with millions of lives at stake, it is not enough to respond to malicious allegations with counter allegations or to meet attacks with counter attacks. The seriousness of the issues at stake here requires a deeper analysis of the background of this case. The allegations made by SAMA and the “TAC” can only be properly understood and judged with an understanding of the history of interests behind this case and, in particular, as they relate to South Africa. This “bigger picture” of the current Application is being dealt with in this section of my response.