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Good health is the fundamental right of all human beings

Whilst most of the important areas of our social lives are already under public control, a decisive area has escaped: our health.

Passing totally unnoticed by public opinion is a clandestine process that has been operating for many decades. One branch of industry has obtained a world-wide monopoly on health and illness, literally managing to subject humanity to its dependence: the pharmaceutical industry.

This branch of industry is established on the basis of the perpetuation and proliferation of illnesses, because these are markets with an annual multi-million euro consumption of synthetic pharmaceuticals that can be patented and which, in the majority of cases, only treat symptoms - and almost always give rise to serious side effects.

The prevention and eradication of illnesses through efficient, natural curative treatments places the existence of the pharmaceutical “business with disease" in danger. These are the goals that our struggle addresses.

Through its “business with disease” the pharmaceutical industry has become one of the leading investment and speculation sectors of global industry. Using its annual multiple millions of earnings, this sector of industry has slowly been exerting its authority on all the countries of the world and has bought influence in key social sectors such as the communications media, public health and politics.

To date, the taking of power in the health sector by the pharmaceutical industry has been unavoidable and for this reason, millions of people around the world have paid for this error with their lives - and the governments of the world have paid with the economic ruin that looms over their national economies.

The most important political and social advance at the beginning of the 21st century has been the unmasking of the pharmaceutical “business with disease" as the perpetrator of the largest and bloodiest fraud in the history of humanity. The continued global dissemination of this fact is a necessary precondition in order for health to become a human right.

In a desperate attempt to prevent financial losses running into hundreds of millions and to avoid being judged for these crimes before national and international courts, financial experts in the pharmaceutical sector and their political accomplices have used methods that are becoming increasingly base and vile.

Amongst these methods are: global censorship laws prohibiting natural curative treatments (Codex Alimentarius Commission); abuse by political bodies (the UN, the European Commission); the approval of laws protecting the pharmaceutical sector by deceiving public opinion (US laws promoting pharmaceutical amnesty); attempts to corrupt the politics of entire continents (the “Marshall Plan” for Africa) and the selective destabilisation of entire regions with the objective of establishing regimes that are dependent on the pharmaceutical cartel (as in the former countries of the Eastern block and the Near East).

Other tactics employed with increasing desperation include escalating international crises and even open wars (Iraq). Taking shelter in these crises, emergency laws are approved granting full executive powers in order to try to prevent the collapse of the pharmaceutical investment sector.

The collapse of the pharmaceutical cartel can now only be prevented by the maintenance of the system of pharmaceutical fraud - from which not a single country will escape - through the route of violence and at the cost of escalating world tensions.

We, the people of this planet, declare that we are no longer willing to continue to be subjected to the will of interest groups that lack all scruples, or their political accomplices who are trying to cement world domination through the proliferation of illnesses and wars.

We are ready to assume responsibilities, both for ourselves and for future generations. We are going to dedicate all our efforts to eradicating today’s endemic diseases, in order that the pharmaceutical “business with disease” loses the foundation which has sustained it until now. In this way, we will create the conditions necessary to enjoy a healthier, more just and peaceful world.

The first step to reach this major objective is public control of health:

  1. Health must be placed immediately and irrevocably under public control. Only if we manage to end the “business with disease” will we be able to eradicate current endemic diseases, save millions of lives and clean up public and private health budgets.
  2. The objective of our new understanding will be to efficiently prevent diseases and eradicate them. This new health system will be opposed to the pharmaceutical “business with disease” which is based on the perpetuation and spreading of illnesses as the basis for long-term consumer markets.
  3. The public sector – federations and municipalities – will be responsible for adequately supplying the population with nutritional supplements, as well as with other natural remedies, aimed at preventing endemic illnesses and to be used as adjuvant treatments.
    Additionally, the supply of the few pharmaceutical preparations that do have some use will be gradually submitted to public control.
    Those remedies that cannot be proven to have preventive or curative effects, i.e. those that show the typical characteristics of the majority of pharmaceutical preparations, will be prohibited.
  4. The key sectors for the treatment of illnesses, from hospitals to university clinics, will be subjected to public control.
    Only in this way can the general strategy for a health system aimed at the prevention and eradication of diseases be guaranteed and not sabotaged by the “business with disease”.
  5. The coffers of disease will be submitted to public control. Responsibility will be taken for repaying the costs of treatments that are proven to have preventive and therapeutic effects and in particular, natural remedies with a scientific base.
    The representatives of the interests of the pharmaceutical industry will be excluded from those bodies safeguarding and controlling the finances of illness.
    Patient representatives selected by the insured parties themselves will have a majority in these bodies. Only in this way can it be guaranteed that health care costs are not wasted in financing the pharmaceutical "business with disease.”
  6. Similarly, the authorisation of new remedies will be submitted to strict public controls. Besides representatives of the health professions, the bodies in charge of authorisation will be principally made up of patients’ representatives and democratically elected citizens.
    Only in this way will the previous influence of the pharmaceutical industry be removed from the process, putting a stop to the authorization of products that are mostly useless and almost always damaging.
  7. Medical/scientific research will be subject to public controls aimed at developing efficient curative remedies to prevent and eradicate illnesses. Public funds will be employed in funding research at universities and other public centres that provides benefits for all patients.
    The pharmaceutical industry will cease to receive public subsidies. Only in this way will the squandering of public funds on pharmaceutical research that does not end diseases but rather guarantees their continuity by establishing the base of the “business with disease” be brought to an end.
  8. The training of doctors and other health care professionals will be carried out under public control. The existing practice of having to provide resources from the pharmaceutical industry in order to access the heads of the medical faculties will be immediately stopped.
    The only criterion at the time of appointing teachers for the different health professions will be their professional qualifications and not their financial dependence on the pharmaceutical groups. Only in this way will there be an end to the devastating commercial influence that has been exercised for decades by the pharmaceutical industry over the training of doctors and other careers in the health sector.
  9. Health education and in particular, the spreading of knowledge related to healthy diet and other measures to prevent illness, will be compulsory in elementary schools and all further education centres.
    Children will learn from the beginning of their education that the human body cannot produce vitamin C and that during their entire lives they need to provide their bodies with optimal amounts of this substance through dietary supplementation.
    The continuous training and education of the population in health matters will be intensified at all levels, including in public forums.
  10. In order to be able to rapidly spread the knowledge of the importance of essential nutrients and other natural remedies for the maintenance of good health (and thus guarantee basic health services that are appropriate for the population) new health professions will be officially recognised. Included amongst these will be “nutritional consultants” or “cellular medicine consultants” with a speciality in health and prevention consultancies. In this way, the monopolistic control of medicine by pharmaceutical treatments and high technology will be ended.

Good health is the fundamental right of all human beings.

We are making this call to all mankind with the aim of achieving these objectives together.