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70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz:  The lessons of history have yet to be learned

January 27th, 2015, is the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. The largest mass extermination camp in human history, between 1940 and 1945 over 1.1 million people met their deaths there. Even three-quarters of a century later however, the lessons of history have yet to be learned. Important facts about what really happened at Auschwitz, and why, have been concealed from the people of the world by multinational corporate interests and their political stakeholders.

Currently, our history books essentially tell us that the Second World War was caused by a psychopathic dictator, Adolf Hitler, and his entourage of racist henchmen, the Nazis. The fact is, however, that WWII was a conquest war conducted on behalf of the largest chemical and pharmaceutical cartel at that time – I.G. Farben, made up of Bayer, Hoescht, BASF and other companies – with the goal of achieving control of the global markets in patented chemicals, drugs and oil. In their relentless pursuit of this aim, the I.G. Farben companies had financed the rise to power of the Nazi party and the transformation of German democracy into a dictatorship.

The Nazi/I.G. Farben coalition’s plan for world domination had three stages: first, the conquest of the Eurasian continent; second, the take-over of Great Britain and all of its colonies; third, the military defeat of the USA and the rest of the world.

I.G. Farben’s creation of a stupendous war machine for the Nazis was carried out with the utmost deliberation and ruthlessness. Near Auschwitz, for example, in order to supply the chemicals, fuels and other materials needed for the German war effort, it constructed the largest industrial complex in Europe at that time. Known as I.G. Auschwitz, and a 100% owned subsidiary of I.G. Farben, the workforce for the factories at this facility included prisoners from the Auschwitz concentration camp, who were used as a source of slave labor. Those who were too weak or too sick to work at the factories were sent directly to the gas chambers. Even the chemical gas Zyklon-B used by the Nazis for the annihilation of millions of people was derived from the drawing boards and factories of IG Farben.

Dr. Joseph Mengele experimented in Auschwitz with medications that were designated "B-1012", B-1034", "3382" or "Rutenol". The test preparations were not only applied to those prisoners who were ill, but also to healthy ones. These people were first infected on purpose through pills, powdered substances, injections or enemas. Many of the medications caused the victims to vomit or have bloody diarrhoea. In most cases the prisoners died as a result of the experiments.

Simultaneous with this, the pharmaceutical divisions of Bayer and Hoechst were using thousands of prisoners from the concentration camp as guinea pigs for the conducting of deadly medical experiments. Chemicals used in these tests went on to become the first generation of chemotherapy drugs, eventually making tens of billions of dollars a year for their manufacturers. To the managers of I.G. Farben, it didn’t matter that these substances had a high toxicity and risk of serious side effects, including death, as the Auschwitz concentration camp provided them with an almost endless supply of victims.

After the war, during the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, 24 managers of I.G. Farben were tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity with over half of them being found guilty and sentenced. The US Chief Prosecutor at the trials, General Telford Taylor, summarized the role of I.G. Farben by saying that without it WWII would not have been possible. In its postwar report on I.G. Farben, based on official records recovered from its various offices and storage places, the US Office of the Military Government in Germany came to precisely the same conclusion.

Further information about I.G. Farben, the truth about what really happened at Auschwitz, and proof that the Nazis’ intended model for Europe was used as the blueprint for the so-called “European Union” of today, can be found in our book, The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’.

Learning and acting upon the lessons of history

Even to this day, governments continue to use military force on behalf of multinational corporate interests and their financial stakeholders. Wars fought over the control of oil and other resources are but one example of this. To move beyond this situation, and for a world of health, peace and social justice to become possible, we need to learn and act upon the lessons of history that have been denied to us. Otherwise we risk history repeating itself and our planet continuing to be controlled by the same corporate interests who bear the ultimate responsibility for WWII and what happened at Auschwitz.    

In awareness of this, in November 2007, more than 30 survivors of Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps met for a one day conference with representatives of our Foundation. Based on their unique moral credo, this extraordinary group of people decided to throw their weight into the discussion about Europe’s future. In a solemn ceremony, they shared their experiences and proposed a constitution for a “Europe for the People, By the People.” Designed to serve as a blueprint for defining fundamental human rights across Europe, it calls for the right to health, the right to life, the right to natural food, the right to a healthy environment, respect for human dignity and the protection of social values to be proclaimed as inalienable rights for every European citizen.

A photo from the one day conference in Auschwitz, in November 2007. On this day, more than 30 survivors of the Auschwitz extermination camp met with representatives of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation.

At the global level, the survivors’ proposed constitution for Europe has now been expanded into an international Call for a Movement of Life. With so much at stake, we urge people everywhere to sign this important petition and to support the Movement of Life. Whilst our Foundation continues to believe that global problems such as child mortality, malnutrition, illiteracy, unemployment and environmental pollution CAN be solved, teaching the world the truth about what really happened at Auschwitz, and why, remains a vital step towards this happening.    

27 January, 2015