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Making Health a Human Right

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Here is, however, an important difference between the events 500 years ago and today. The question whether the Catholic or Protestant Church is right, can not be decided on a scientific basis and remains a question of belief. In sharp contrast the right and wrong between pharmaceutical medicine and Cellular Medicine is already decided today.

Hundreds of clinical studies with vitamins and countless patient reports have documented the superiority of Cellular Medicine beyond any doubt. Pharmaceutical medicine covers symptoms and has no interest to prevent, cure or eradicate diseases. In contrast, Cellular Medicine goes to the very root of today’s most common diseases and corrects their underlying cause, a deficiency of vitamins and other bioenergy molecules in the metabolism of millions of cells.

21st century: Health Becomes a Human Right

In the 16th century, education became a human right in Europe. In a similar way in the 21st century health will become a human right, not only in Europe, but worldwide. The perspectives are truly breathtaking: Heart attacks and strokes, today’s number one cause of death in the industrialized world will be largely unknown in the second half of the 21st century. You doubt this? Why don’t you ask Lewis Meyer how he felt when the calcium deposits in the coronary arteries of his heart had disappeared with our vitamin program naturally without bypass surgery or angioplasty.

High blood pressure conditions, today one of the most widespread health problems, will largely be unknown in 50 years. Is this really true? Why don’t you ask one of the patients on our Cellular Medicine programs who accomplished a drop in their blood pressure of 100 points and more in only a few months.

By terminating the health-indulgence-trade billions of dollars will be set free. The only precondition is that you, the people, help to stop the “business with disease”.

Diabetic circulatory problems will be reduced to a fraction of their current numbers in only a few decades. Is this possible? Ask those of our Cellular Medicine patients who reduced their insulin requirements by ten, twenty or thirty units, who now can live a life without insulin. Or ask those diabetic patients who could cancel scheduled amputation of their limbs due to dramatic improvements of their circulatory problems.

Or just ask one of the tens of thousands of users of our Cellular Medicine formulas who can now live a life free of angina pectoris, shortness of breath, poor circulation, irregular heart beat, asthma, arthritis and many other common health problems. The documented health benefits of Cellular Medicine have already made this new Age of Medicine irreversible.

As a direct consequence of the eradication of today’s most common diseases the average life expectancy will rise to more than a hundred years during the 21st century. Money in the amount of hundreds of billions of dollars, which no longer will be wasted for maintaining diseases, will become available. The private and public costs of health drop, health insurance premiums drop, health benefit payments by corporations drop, the local state and federal health expenditures drop, all of which contribute to an unheard of blossoming of the private and public financial sector. The money set free will create more buying power and more wealth for the general population and can be used for today’s most important tasks, unemployment in the industrialized countries and hunger and illiteracy in the developing world.

A Breathtaking Century

The peasant’s war of 1525 caused tenth of thousands of unnecessary deaths. This war broke out because the people of the Middle Ages had lost all trust in their secular and clerical rulers at that time.
The message for today is: Only the open support of the liberation of human health by today’s politicians can avoid a similar outrage by millions of people.

At the end I would like to address all those politicians who seemed to have difficulties with interpreting the signs of the times.

Little more than seven years after Luther hammered his theses to the door of the church in Wittenberg, one of the greatest uprisings of medieval Europe took place – the Peasants’ War. The reason for this uproar was that millions of common people suddenly woke up and realized to what extent they and their families had been kept in illiteracy and slavery and had been robbed of their health and their wealth by their very own nobility.

I’m asking you, the heads of States, as well as the politicians at the level of local regional and federal governments: “What do you think will happen if millions of people during the next month and years will wake up realizing to what extend they have been kept ignorant and robbed of their income until today?”

This is also an important reason why I presented this historic parallel in such great detail. We now have the unique opportunity to change course to the right direction: We need to abandon immediately any health care system driven by the “business with disease”. We need to promote health care that focuses on the prevention, natural cure and eradication of today’s most common diseases. From now on there can be no more election campaign in which this question of life and death for millions of people is not a central issue.

We are entering a truly breathtaking century. And no one, no one can stop the liberation from the “business with disease” and the launching of a new era of human health.


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