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Indulgence Sales by the Pharmaceutical Industry

In a similar way like the ancient domes intimidated the people of medieval times so do the towers of university hospitals and high tech medical centers reflect today’s ”business with disease”.

500 years ago an imaginary “key to heaven” was sold. Today the pharmaceutical industry markets an imaginary “key to health”. They promise an illusory merchandise - health - that is neither available nor obtainable through prescription pharmaceutical drugs. Even the doctor’s block bears a striking resemblance to the indulgence letter of the Middle Ages.

The indulgence sale no longer occurs in the market place, because the sales scheme has been perfected over the past centuries. The indulgence payments are made directly from your bank account in form of health insurance premiums and corporate health benefit payments. Even when you are healthy, twenty or thirty percent of your monthly salary is used for these modern indulgence payments. In the United States alone these health insurance premiums and related health payments by the American people amount to over 500 billion dollars each year.

To make things worse, more than 98% of all pharmaceutical drugs paid for with this money are without any proven therapeutic efficacy or properties to heal. The known and dangerous side effects of these same drugs have become the fourth leading cause of death in the industrialized world. In other words, the pharmaceutical industry was able to cause an epidemic amidst us responsible for the premature death of hundreds of thousand of people each year. And this “business with diseases” is paid for by the health insurance premiums of the people.

Today’s prescription sheet has a striking resemblance to the ancient indulgence letter. Then and now the common people have to pay billions for a merchandise that is an illusion.

Annual global sales of pharmaceutical drugs have crossed the 500 billion Dollar threshold and continue to grow. Shares of pharmaceutical companies are offered to millions of people through mass mailings in their mail box and by other means as lucrative investments. Thus, thousands of patients are seduced to finance the ongoing “business with disease” – in many cases the continuation of their very own disease. These developments are so mind-boggling that they can truly be compared to the height of the medieval indulgence sales.

This entire development is only comprehensible, if one understands that the pharmaceutical industry is no naturally grown industry. In other words, there was never any genuine need for the existence of this industry. Throughout the 20th century, the pharmaceutical industry was artificially inflated by unscrupulous investors as a typical speculation industry. They declared the human body as their market place and the diseases hosted by that body as their target market. These greedy individuals knew from the very beginning that the success of this speculative industry was dependent on the elimination of natural, non-patentable therapies and their systematic replacement by artificial and patentable chemical substances.

A Frightening Balance

At the end of the 20th century we look back and have to realize that hundreds of millions of patients have been brought to a fateful dependency by the pharmaceutical industry. 500 years ago the people delegated the well being of their souls to the indulgence sellers and were abused into poverty and misery. Today millions of patients delegate the well being of their bodies to an industry the basis of which is the business with disease. Today we know that the pharmaceutical industry itself is the main culprit, why today’s most common diseases are not eradicated and, worse, continue to spread on a worldwide scale.

The balance is truly frightening: Today four out of five patients die from health conditions that are not diseases at all, but are the direct consequence of vitamin deficiency and therefore preventable. Almost half billion people worldwide suffer from hardening of the arteries and cardiovascular disease. Over 400 million people suffer from high blood pressure, over 200 million people suffer from diabetes and the circulatory problems associated with it. More than 100 million people worldwide suffer from heart failure, more than 200 million from osteoporosis and over 400 million people from cancer. All these health conditions have one thing in common: Their main cause – as we know today – is a long-term deficiency in vitamins and other essential nutrients and they are lastly preventable.

Theses for Humanity’s Liberation from Today’s Most Common Diseases

But then this giant fraud scheme too was unmasked. 500 years ago Luther’s theses launched the liberation from illiteracy. At the beginning of this decade a young physician and scientist published the theses of liberation of human health. The theses were not hammered to the door of a church, but rather to the doors of the doctor’s offices and hospitals in form of scientific publications and health books in the colloquial languages.

The message of this doctor was loud and clear: Health is not a gift of fate rather than understandable and, above all, doable by everyone. Diseases develop at the level of millions of cells, and vitamin deficiency is the primary cause of their malfunction. Heart attacks and strokes are early forms of scurvy and therefore preventable. Today’s most common diseases such as high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetic circulatory problems, osteoporosis, cancer and many others are the consequence of vitamin deficiency and preventable by an optimum intake of essential nutrients.

Health is understandable and doable

1500: printed matter
2000: internet

Book printing then and Internet now: Then and now key technologies helped to spread the new information worldwide. The website www.dr-rath-foundation.org is currently the world’s most frequented website on natural health.

500 years ago the translation of the bible into spoken languages released a force that wiped away illiteracy from the European continent. Today the simple logic of Cellular Medicine releases a similar power, which will lead to the liberation of mankind from today’s most common diseases. With the books of Cellular Medicine millions of people can not only understand how their body functions. Most importantly, they can now achieve and maintain their health largely by themselves.

500 years ago, colored woodcuts helped the common people to accelerate their reading and writing skills. In a similar way colored illustrations today will promote the understanding about the principles of health and disease in our body. Three dimensional presentations of cell models and microscopic video animation will accelerate the breakthrough of Cellular Medicine considerably.

500 years ago, the invention of book printing was a decisive precondition for the liberation from illiteracy across Europe. Today, a similar technological invention of global mass communication has become available in form of the Internet. 500 years ago all efforts by the authorities to ban the book printing in the colloquial languages were in vain. In a similar way, today all efforts to censure and control the Internet in the interest of pharmaceutical and other multinational companies will derail. Then and now, millions of people are no longer willing to submission and slavery of their minds and their bodies.

500 years ago, some dukes recognized sooner than others the comprehensive economic advantages of supporting the new information and New Age. Today the health insurance companies and health maintenance organizations are the natural allies of this global change. These trustees of large amounts of health insurance benefits entrusted to them by millions of patients can save hundreds of billions of dollars by a full scale support of vitamin research and Cellular Medicine. However, the support of the health insurance companies and the HMO’s for this medical breakthrough is still slow. Those farsighted HMO’s who support this breakthrough early on may one day be seen by history at the same level as the medieval duke Frederick the Sage from Saxony. They have one thing in common: They are cool mathematicians and shrewd businessmen.


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