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Like Animals - Today -

Today – like 500 years ago – millions of people live in illiteracy. You can read and write, but the elementary functions of your body are obscure and unknown to you. We live in the age of moon travelers and the Internet and you do not know what makes your body sick and what keeps it healthy.

But you do not realize that this illiteracy and ignorance about your own health is no coincidence; it is the precondition for a billion dollar market of largely ineffective pharmaceuticals. You do not even have the chance to realize it. Day in and day out you are bombarded by colorful ads and commercials of the pharmaceutical industry trying to convince you that this industry is concerned about your health. You have no idea that the “business with disease” only functions if you are kept ignorant – like animals.

Millions of People are Illiterate with Respect to Their Health

You are 50 years old and neither in school nor in the news did you ever learn that the most important precondition for maintaining the health of your body is the stability of the connective tissue. You do not know that the connective tissue of your body is made of collagen and you do not know that the stability of your body tissue depends on optimum supply of vitamin C in your diet. Nobody ever told you that the human body, as opposed to all other living beings, cannot produce a single molecule of vitamin C and is therefore dependent on optimum intake of essential nutrients for life.

Your doctor tells you that 75 milligrams of vitamin C per day are enough and he refers to the guidelines of the so-called Food and Drug Administration. You don’t know that this association is not independent, but acts in the interest of the pharmaceutical industry by recommending arbitrarily low vitamin dosages to people – you do not know that. The thought does not cross your mind that the weakening of you body’s resistance is intentional in order to facilitate the development of disease as a precondition for the business with disease! And a million-dollar pharmaceutical market.

You are told that life expectancy in the industrial countries of the world is 75 years and half of that in the developing countries. It is inconceivable to you that life expectancy will increase to over 100 years by the simple measure of an optimum supply of vitamins to the cells of your body. You take it as fate that eight out of ten of your friends and relatives are dying from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The Secret Code Language of Medicine

Illiteracy in questions of human health among the general population is the basis for the “business with disease” of the pharmaceutical industry.

No one has provided you with the knowledge that these common health problems are not actual diseases but rather the direct consequence of vitamin deficiency and that they are preventable. The pharmaceutical industry and their puppets in the media and the medical establishment are working tirelessly in order to hide the simple logical causes of these common health problems behind Latin, Greek and other diagnostic cover terms.

For 20 years you have been suffering from high blood pressure. Your doctor calls it “essential hypertension” but there is nothing essential about you suffering from high blood pressure – on the contrary. The Latin diagnosis “essential” is used to mask the fact that in 9 out of 10 cases conventional medicine does not know the cause of the patient’s high blood pressure. The diagnosis ”essential hypertension” is used as a code among the medical profession for “high blood pressure of unknown origin”. Since you are unfamiliar with this Latin code language, you even feel indebted to your doctor for this “precise” diagnosis.

Coronary bypass surgery does not treat the underlying condition of heart disease: Arteriosclerosis, the hardening of arteries. In contrast, the supply of vitamins and essential nutrients to the cells of the artery walls is able to correct coronary artery disease directly at its roots.

The drugs prescribed to you by your doctor over the last twenty years had to be changed three times because of their harmful side effects. You don’t know that the beta blockers and other prescription drugs you have been taking were designed to relieve the symptoms of your high blood pressure condition, not to treat its underlying cause so as to secure your continued dependency and use of these pharmaceutical drugs. But you are not alone. More than 400 million people worldwide suffer from high blood pressure because the true causes of this health problem are deliberately being withheld from them.

Your father died at age 55 from a heart attack. They told you that it was a failure of his pump. Even the coronary bypass surgery one year before his death could not prevent his death. You still remember the day when your father returned from the hospital after his surgery and told everyone proudly that he had received four bypasses. No one had told him that the word bypass surgery describes a medical procedure that bypasses the deposits in the coronary arteries, but leaves the underlying causes of these coronary deposits untreated. You didn’t know this either – and how could you? Coronary bypass surgery is celebrated as the pinnacle of modern medicine. Recently you could even watch an open heart surgery live from your sofa via television.

More than half a billion people currently suffer from cardiovascular diseases because information about the underlying cause of this health condition is being withheld from them. If someone were to tell you that today’s euphoria about coronary bypass surgery will be considered “medieval” in a few decades and that cellular medicine will largely eradicate heart attacks and strokes by the end of the 21st century – you would call that person crazy.

Targeting Symptoms Instead of Treating the Causes

Rehabilitation methods of stroke victims: The underlying cause of strokes, arteriosclerosis of the brain arteries, remains untreated.

Your brother suffered a stroke at the age of 48. The rehabilitation measures included under water massage as well as speech therapy and cost a fortune for the health insurer and your brother’s family. The benefit was negligible and short-term. Your brother survived for five years crippled and bound to a wheel chair. Then he died suddenly from a second stroke because chronic vitamin deficiency in the walls of his brain arteries – the underlying cause of their clogging – were ignored and remained untreated all those years.

Your sister has been suffering from heart failure for the last eight years. Her doctor diagnosed her with an “idiopathic cardiomyopathy”. How could she know that the word “idiopathic” is a Greek smoke screen for “unknown origin”? No one told your sister that the main cause of heart failure is a deficiency of vitamins and other bio-energy molecules in millions of heart muscle cells. Worse, the diuretic drugs or water pills her doctors prescribed to her also flushed out the water soluble vitamins and minerals which were deficient in the first place. Thus, the pharmaceutical therapy further impaired her heart condition to the extent that her doctor told her that she has only a few months to live. Her only chance of survival would be if a donor heart could be found for a heart transplantation. It is inconceivable to your sister and her doctor that an optimum supply of vitamins and other bioenergy molecules will render heart failure problems unknown in future generations.

Doctors are Victims Too

An optimum supply of vitamins and other essential nutrients to millions of heart muscle cells improves the pumping function of the heart. Many patients with heart failure conditions no longer need to undergo heart transplant surgery.

You have a blind trust in your doctor. At the doorstep of the doctor’s office and the hospital you regularly turn over any responsibility for your body and your health. But you are not alone – everyone does it. The doctors are the medical experts. They understand Latin and Greek, which are considered the language of medicine. You, as a simple layman, as a factory worker or teacher, have little or no insight into this world of medical miracles. The towers of high-tech and pharma medicine are as intimidating as the towers of medieval domes and palaces.

Doctors are victims too of this wrong direction of medicine. Neither you nor your doctor are aware that the health benefits of vitamins are a non-issue during medical education and that natural therapies have been systematically removed from the teaching calendars at medical schools during the 20th century and replaced by lectures in “pharmacology”. Unnoticed by most, the medical profession has been gradually diverted by the pharmaceutical industry towards a sales force for their global pharmaceutical market.


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