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Education Becomes a Human Right

The Nuremberg painter Dürer (1471-1528) was a determined supporter of Luther and promoter of the New Time.

The events 500 years ago had direct consequences for human history up to the present. In retrospect, the decades following publication of the theses in Wittenberg and the translation of the bible, read like a fairytale in which all of mankind awoke from a thousand-year trance, like sleeping beauty.

In 1521, the New Testament is published in the German language, followed shortly thereafter by the entire bible. Translations of the bible from unintelligible Latin into English, Dutch, French, Danish, Swedish and all other European languages, follow swiftly. Not only the spiritual life, but also education, science, trade, commerce, culture and all other areas of society benefit from liberation from illiteracy.

In 1525, only four years after the first translation of the bible, the painter Albrecht Dürer publishes his first textbook on “Perspective Geometry” and another three years later, his “Anatomy of Man”, both in the spoken language. In 1529, Johannes Bugenhagen founds the Johanneum-Highschool in Hamburg, a first step towards general school education. In 1531, the first stock exchange opens in the Belgian town of Antwerp, reflecting the immediate trend towards greater wealth of the general people. In 1536, the medic Paracelsus publishes his bestseller “The great handbook of wound healing” (“Die große Wundarznei”), a textbook in the common language that influences medicine across Europe for centuries to come.

Nikolaus Copernikus (1473-1543) was the first to describe that the earth is circling the sun and not vice versa.

In 1543, Nikolaus Copernicus publishes the modern perspective of the universe. The sun, not the earth, is the center of the universe. Only four years later, the official language in France changes from antiquated Latin to the French language still known today. Printed leaflets become fashionable and develop into early newspapers.

In 1550, less then 30 years after the translation of the bible, the first colloquial book in general mathematics is published by Adam Riese. In the same year, the first binoculars are marketed in order to allow more people of advanced age to read and write. In 1558, Johannes Brenz founds the first primary school in Southern Germany, thereby taking another step towards the general education of children. Training time of the trade guilds is increased to seven years in order to reflect the growing knowledge in all areas of trade and commerce. In 1564, the first book catalogue is published for the Frankfurt book fair. In 1566, a new currency is introduced with the Augsburg Monetary Order. In 1574, the first high school is founded in Berlin.

During the 16th century universities were founded across Europe. Together with the foundation of primary schools and high schools they reflected the desire of the people of Europe to expand their knowledge and wisdom in all areas.

In the same year, the University of Bern in Switzerland is founded; in 1575 the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, in 1576 the University of Warszaw in Poland, in 1582 the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and in 1585 the University of Graz in Austria. In 1579 the first hospital of modern times was inaugurated, the Julius hospital in Wuerzburg, Germany. By 1599, the sending of letters from people to people had increased to such an extent that a nationwide postage tariff was defined for the whole of Germany. In the same year, the first regular monthly newspapers appeared in Nuremberg and the first chambers of Commerce were established.

Giordano Bruno (1548 – 1600) was burned in Rome for his support of the Copernican universe. He became one of the prominent martyrs of modern times.

However this rapid development from the dark Middle Ages into the lucent modern times has its price. Forces that wish to maintain and reestablish antiquated structures of power do not give in easily – they retaliate. A particularly shameful example in the long row of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of the human mind was Giordano Bruno. In the year 1600, this Italian scientist was burned at the stake in the Piazza di Fiori (Square of the Flowers) in Rome. The only crimes he committed were his statements that the earth circles the sun, not vice versa.

But even the last desperate attempts of those in power could not prevent the collapse of the house of cards of the medieval power structure. Millions of people in Europe liberated themselves from the shackles of the slavery of their minds and they are not willing to give up the liberty they had gained. Education becomes a human right, the medieval times are gone forever and modern times begin.

Printed leaflets became the precursors of newspapers despite all efforts to ban them.

The liberation of the human mind is so powerful that its stamp was left on the entire earth. The position of Europe becomes the focal continent for the globe. Since that time those parts of planet earth east of Europe are defined as east and those opposite as west.

The people of Europe conquered and populated entire continents. The United States of America, today the most powerful country in the world, is governed until this day by a leadership of European descent. The events that took place 500 years ago were the reason why all presidents of the United States thus far have been of European descent and not – what would have been more likely – the descendants of native Indians. And this is just another example of how the liberation of the mind starting in 16th century Europe has influenced the events of history since.

Why have I taken you on such an extensive journey into the 16th century? I would like to enable you to better recognize the darkness and illiteracy with respect to our body and our health in which we continue to live today. I also wanted to share with you the gigantic power that is released when millions of people recognize their situation and liberate themselves from the shackles of antiquated belief systems. In much the same way that the 16th century was the age of liberation from illiteracy, the 21st century will become the century of liberation from today’s most common diseases and from the “business with disease”.


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