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The Documentation About "Codex Alimentarius"

Appeal For Free Access to Vitamins

The first step to conquering death from heart disease is free access to vitamins.

The pharmaceutical industry profits several hundred billion dollars each year through the worldwide sales of cardiovascular medications. The recent breakthrough in vitamin research that indicates the end of heart disease will destroy the world market in pharmaceuticals. To protect their billion-dollar market, the pharmaceuticals industry has formed a cartel. The cartel plots to prohibit any information regarding the health benefits of vitamins and natural treatments.

Under the code name "Codex Alimentarius" and with the sponsorship of the German government and the United Nation's World Trade Organization, the pharma-cartel wields its influence. The next Codex meeting will occur in Berlin in November 2002. Despite growing opposition, the following laws are being planned for all UN member countries:

  1. The dissemination of health-related information concerning vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other natural products for prevention and treatment of illnesses will be prohibited.
  2. The distribution of vitamins and other natural products, which exceed the guidelines of the Codex Commission, will be prohibited.
  3. Countries failing to comply will be punished with international economic sanctions.

In this situation, millions of people around the world must protect their health and defend it against the financial interests of the pharma-cartel. Safeguarding worldwide free access to vitamins and other natural products is an important step on the path to victory over heart disease.

We call upon the governments of all countries:

  • To secure unlimited access to vitamins and other nutritional supplements for all people;
  • To disseminate vital information concerning the value of vitamins and other natural products;
  • To strive for the victory over heart disease by promoting vitamin research.