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History Repeats Itself:

16th Century - Liberation of Illiteracy
21th Century - Liberation of Common Diseases

We have seen the monstrous wickedness that emerged from Germany in two world wars, but the history of this nation nestled in Northern Europe has one bright chapter. About five hundred years ago, the light of knowledge flared and bathed the country in its glow. Light shone on the printed page. It opened the eyes of the people and humanity was liberated from the yoke of illiteracy.

During the Dark Ages, 80% of the people of Europe were unable to read or write. Latin was the language of the spiritual and political leaders, the tongue of priests and noblemen, and the hallmark of a saved soul. Conducting religion and politics in a language beyond the comprehension of the common people excluded them from any decisions that affected their future. Secular and spiritual leaders exploited this ignorance. Unbridled greed seeped into every aspect of daily life. The rulers told millions of people who fought starvation, disease and an early death that paradise would be their reward. However, paradise had a price. One would need a key to heaven and the rulers held the keys. Letters of indulgence were sold everywhere. People did not know whether to feed their children or buy salvation for their souls.

But the perfectionism of this indulgence system led to its downfall. People wondered about the words on the letters. They wanted to know the meaning, and the thirst for knowledge had to be quenched.

The translation of the Latin Bible into the spoken languages enabled millions of people in Europe to learn to read and write. No longer did the people depend on the priests and the noblemen to translate the word of God. The people could learn what they wished, not just what the rulers wished them to learn.

With the end of The Middle ages, trade, science and culture began to blossom and thrive throughout Europe. The age of spiritual and intellectual liberation had arrived.

The first universities were founded in Europe during the 16th century.
Illiteracy dropped from 80% to 20% in only 100 years.

Today people in the industrial world can read and write. But when we examine what most people know about their bodies and health, the Dark Ages still prevail. This ignorance is no accident. Scientific facts and proven medical information have been systematically withheld and from the general public. Doctor’s prescriptions are still written in Latin and one would need an interpreter, a doctor, to understand the chemicals that are said to help our health.

Dr. Rath’s discovery that common diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart weakness, diabetes and cancer, are caused by vitamin deficiency created a new world view. And just as literacy swept through Europe and dispelled ignorance,, the discoveries of Cellular Medicine cannot be stopped. Millions of people will never let this vital information be stripped away from them.

This is the main reason why all efforts by the pharma-cartel to suppress the medical truth will fail.

Only the truth can prevail.