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The Documentation About "Codex Alimentarius"

The Pharmaceutical Republic of Germany
-- History Repeats Itself: The Wannsee Conference

Once before in German history there was a conference that led to the deaths of millions of people. On Jan 20, 1942, a secret conference was held at Berlin-Wannsee, which is less than 40 miles from the place of the Codex Alimentarius conferences.

The villa in Berlin-Wannsee where the "Wannsee Conference"
was held on Jan 20, 1942.
The cynical term "final solution" was chosen to designate
the planned eradication of the Jews. In German, the word for
"final solution" ("Endlösung") is very similar to the word for
"amassing profits" ("Erlösung").

Although today we do not have a totalitarian regime, unscrupulous financial interests are again at work. The parallels give one pause:

Today as then, the health and lives of millions of people hang in the balance. In 1942, the deaths of six million Jews were sealed with the decisions made at the Wannsee Conference. If the pharmaceutical cartel succeeds with its cruel schemes today, the upcoming November Codex Alimentarius conference will preordain the death of millions.

However, there is an important difference: today the predicted number of victims is 100 times greater than those killed in World War Two. In the next generation alone, more than 500 million people will die from avoidable cardiac infarctions and cerebro-vascular ischemic episodes. This is more than all the fatalities in all the wars in human history.

The second parallel is equally striking. The financiers of the Nazis, who were also responsible for the Wannsee Conference, were the German pharmaceutical and chemical firms BASF, Hoechst and Bayer. Today the same firms take responsibility as the leading parties to the Codex Alimentarius conference.

Heydrich (left) and Eichmann (right) were responsible for the Wannsee Conference.

Now as then, BASF, Bayer and Hoechst are violators of human rights. In the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, executives of these firms were convicted of genocide, slavery, and other crimes -- although they were freed after 5 years.

If true justice is served today, then the persons responsible for the crimes committed on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry will not be treated so leniently. Instead they should be tried and convicted by an international tribunal and forced to understand the pain and suffering they needlessly caused.

The building in Berlin-Marienfelde where the Codex Alimentarius
conference of June 19-23, 2000 will be held.