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The Documentation About "Codex Alimentarius"

The Pharmaceutical Republic of Germany
-- Neither the Legislature Nor The Populace
is Aware of the "Codex" Conspiracy

In recent years, many people in Germany and around the world have questioned why Helmut Kohl refused to reveal the names of the contributors to his bribery funds. His silence even threatened the existence of his party, but he said nothing.

This website provides the answers to these questions:

  1. The pharmaceutical industry paid millions of deutsche marks in bribes to Helmut Kohl and the bagmen delivering the cash came from the German states of Rheinland-Pfalz (home of BASF) and Hesse (home of Hoechst).
  2. The bribes paid for expediting the Codex Alimentarius plan to protect the worldwide pharmaceutical markets.
  3. The final phase of the Codex Alimentarius effort explains why Helmut Kohl lives a life of luxury today. His silence guarantees his wealth and insures the schemes of his handlers in the pharmaceutical industry.

The stealth of the Codex Alimentarius provides a lesson in German democracy and politics. Until recently, no one in Germany, not even the members of the Bundestag, was aware of the true intent of the Codex Alimentarius. Dr. Rath received numerous letters from concerned citizens who had directed questions about the Codex Alimentarius to their legislative representatives. All these enquires received consistent and disturbing replies. Every representative denied knowing about the commission or its work.

While the people and legislators were being distracted with debates about retail hours of operation, for example, the real policy decisions about the multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical markets were being made. The decisions occurred secretly between the cartel's bosses and the political henchmen in the Chancellor's office.

The Bundestag and the public were manipulated like marionettes. Millions of people are paying for these machinations with their health and their lives.