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The Documentation About "Codex Alimentarius"

The Pharmaceutical Republic of Germany
-- A Republic for Sale

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the pharmaceutical industry has dominated the economic and political culture of Germany. Every German chancellor has prostrated himself before the German pharmaceutical cartel.

The pharmaceutical/chemical firm IG Farben was the largest sponsor that provided aid and sustenance to Hitler's power grab. In 1946, the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal concluded that World War II would not have been possible without IG Farben, and the Tribunal broke the IG Farben trust into its present-day successors: BASF, Bayer, and Hoechst.

Also after World War II, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries systematically groomed politicians for the highest offices of government. Thus, BASF was Helmut Kohl's first employer, and from 1959-69, Kohl was a full-time lobbyist for the industry. For 25 years as chairman of the CDU party and 16 years as Chancellor of Germany, Helmut Kohl served his patrons well.

Cover of the newsmagazine "Der Spiegel", from June 24, 1985:
"How the Pharmaceutical Industry Purchased Bonn:
The Tangled Bribery Affairs."
Through ex-Chancellor Kohl, the pharmaceutical industry
bribed the German government with millions of
D. Marks to support its evil medical profiteering.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the pharmaceutical industry has written the laws of Germany. The power the pharmaceutical industry wields explains the "pharmaceutical protection" statute that requires a prescription for 500 mg vitamin C tablets -- even though a typical dog (owned by the same patient) produces 15,000 mg every day.

Kohl's most important assignment was to manipulate the Codex Alimentarius to secure the world markets of the pharmaceutical cartel. By order of the cartel, he ran for Chancellor in 1998. In that same year, the Codex controversy was in the "hot" phase. (Kohl was defeated.)

The Schroeder government shamelessly bowed to the will of the Codex campaign, and they continue to support this unethical scheme to this day.

The pharmaceutical cartel uses its influence on politicians
and the media to ensure its power. It creates the conditions that
will further expand its evil medical profiteering.