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The Documentation About "Codex Alimentarius"

Suppression of Use of Vitamins Against Common Disorders
-- Cardiac Insuficiency

Millions of people with cardiac insufficiency will suffer devastating consequences if Codex Alimentarius executes its plan for censoring information about alternative therapies.

"Pharmaceutical medicine" peddles the notion that the ultimate hope
for cardiac insufficiency patients is a heart transplant.

Cellular research has demonstrated that vitamin deficiency is the principal cause of cardiac insufficiency. Vitamins supply vital bio-energy to cardiac muscles, improving the pumping function of the heart and aiding natural healing of the cardiac insufficiency. Dr. Rath's vitamin program may strengthen a weakened heart enough to avoid a heart transplant.

By intentionally suppressing the scientific facts about vitamins and good health, the "pharmaceutical medicine" establishment has built a multi-billion-dollar market for superfluous drugs to treat cardiac insufficiency.

Bel Joey Blackburn (U.S.A.) avoided a heart transplant
by using Dr. Rath's vitamin program.

A heart transplant, the "last resort" for cardiac insufficiency, is particularly lucrative. This procedure merely exchanges one vitamin-deprived organ for another; however, it generates hundreds of thousands of dollars per patient.

More than 50 million people worldwide suffer from cardiac insufficiency. By using the vacuous diagnostic term "idiopathic cardiomyopathy" meaning "heart disease of unknown origin," "pharmaceutical medicine" tries to obfuscate the fact that vitamin deficiencies are the main cause of cardiac insufficiency. Failing to hide the truth, the Codex Commission will attempt to ban any information about supplements by using United Nations statutes. If this latest plot succeeds, hundreds of millions of patients will pay with their lives.