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The Documentation About "Codex Alimentarius"

Suppression of Use of Vitamins Against Common Disorders
-- Heart Attack and Stroke

Already the Codex Commission has had devastating effects on the health and lives of millions of people. Due to the campaign of lies and suppression designed by the pharmaceutical cartel, people are being conditioned to rely solely on prescription drugs. This dependence has consequences. According to statistics from the World Health Organization, 12 million die from arteriosclerosis, cardiac infarction, and cerebro-vascular ischemia every year.

In Germany alone, each year half a million people die from
avoidable cardiovascular disease.

If the Codex Commission successfully implements the plans of the pharmaceutical cartel, then medical studies documenting the benefits of vitamin C as a treatment for arteriosclerosis will be suppressed, even censored, and if all the recommendations are adopted, then possessing literature about vitamin therapies may have criminal penalties.

By using the Codex Commission, the pharmaceutical industry exploits the power of the law. Once the United Nations formally discredits vitamin deficiency as the main cause of arteriosclerosis, the pharmaceutical industry will seize the multi-billion-dollar market for calcium antagonists and beta-blockers with an iron fist.

As a direct result, half of all men and women in the industrialized world will die from cardiac infarction and/or cerebro-vascular ischemia. The yearly toll in Germany alone is 1/2 million deaths.

Hundreds of thousands of stroke victims suffer paralysis until the end of their lives.