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The Documentation About "Codex Alimentarius"

Health Information in Dr. Rath's Books Was
Made The Target of the Pharmaceutical Cartel:

The truth has always threatened tyrants and despots who ruled by lies and deceit. History texts and even the Bible hold numerous examples of regimes falling under the weight of undeniable facts. The pharmaceutical industry is no different and the truth they fear comes from Dr. Matthias Rath.

Five hundred years ago, those in power banned Bibles translated into the language of the people. They destroyed the printing presses. However, no action could quench the flame of knowledge. The truth bloomed like a beautiful sunrise, and millions of people defied authority and learned to read and write.

Printing of the first Bibles in German and other vernacular
languages enabled millions of ordinary people to learn to read and write.
The rulers of the Middle Ages were unprepared to bestow the
"power of knowledge" on their subjects, and they forbade the printings.

Four hundred years ago, the entire power structure of the Roman Catholic Church was threatened by the discovery that the earth rotated around the sun. Church doctrine stated that the sun revolved around the Earth and to challenge that dogma was heresy. Galileo had scientific evidence proving that the Earth revolved around the sun, but his books were condemned, and he was threatened with torture on the rack. But in time, the truth prevailed.

Galileo's book about the new sun-centered universe was
banned by the authorities and the Roman Catholic Church.

The information in Dr. Rath's book currently threatens the enormity of the Codex Alimentarius and the pharmaceutical cartel. Dr. Rath's bestseller, "The Heart" (formerly titled "Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks- But People Do!"), has been translated into ten languages and has sold over a million copies. Each chapter of Dr. Rath's book provides proven analysis and treatment for different diseases and argues against the billion-dollar market in useless pharmaceuticals.