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Worldwide Confirmation of Dr. Rath's Medical Breakthrough

In the meantime, Dr. Rath's discoveries have been extensively tested and confirmed. In clinical trials studying patients with cardiac disease, his vitamin program was shown to reduce and even halt arteriosclerosis.

In patients with impaired hearts, Dr. Rath's vitamin programs can improve the pumping function of the heart; in patients with high blood pressure, they can normalize the condition; in diabetics, they can restore circulation in the legs. Amputations and even heart transplants can be avoided. The reports from patients who have been helped by cellular medicine fill entire books.

There are thousands of studies available on the Internet, which document the preventative and healing effects of vitamins. One of the most impressive confirmations of Dr. Rath's scientific breakthrough was published in January 2000 in the "Journal of the U.S. Scientific Academy." Mice that had been bred to produce no vitamin C in their own bodies developed damage in their arterial walls, just like human arteriosclerosis.

This undeniably confirmed Dr. Rath's discovery that vitamin C deficiency is the main cause of heart attacks and strokes.

Just as 400 years ago when the scientific community discovered that the earth rotated around the sun, today's medical community must accept the role of vitamins in treating diseases. Heart attacks and strokes are no longer unavoidable fates but rather the direct result of vitamin deficiencies and therefore preventable.

Now as then, those who want to maintain their own power are repressing a breakthrough in scientific truth.