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The Documentation About "Codex Alimentarius"

Dr. Rath's Scientific Breakthrough Threatens a Billion-Dollar Pharmaceutical Market

In 1990, almost 30 years after its formation, the pharma-cartel's strategy of deceit was so perfect that the Codex Alimentarius Commission had grown lazy and bloated. They believed their scheme was invincible, but then a young doctor made the discovery that rocked the foundation of the pharmaceutical industry.

Suddenly heart attacks and strokes were not real diseases but - like the sailors' disease scurvy - the direct result of vitamin deficiencies and therefore preventable. The logic of this discovery was brilliant and no serious scientist could doubt the findings.

Heart attack is an early form of scurvy

Now it was clear that "penny substances" like vitamin C and other natural products would gradually make entire groups of medications obsolete.

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of illness and death in all industrialized countries and therefore creates the biggest market for prescription drugs. Beta-blockers, calcium antagonists, diuretics, cholesterol reducers and many other groups of medications each have worldwide sales in the billions of dollars.

Since 1990, the pharmaceutical industry has known that if it takes no action against the proliferation of natural therapies, then it can only wait until its multi-billion dollar global market will shrink to a fraction of its current level. The market might collapse altogether.

Dr Rath's discovery had the potential of toppling an empire and had to be protected. Dr. Rath applied for a United States patent. Securing the patent demanded one requirement. He had to show that eliminating vitamin C in the diet leads to arteriosclerosis. Dr. Rath used an animal model to obtain this proof. A short time later, these theories were confirmed in human trials as well.

The patent proof in an animal model: A single factor, vitamin C
deficiency in the nutrition, causes hardening of the arteries.

Further information on this medical breakthrough can be found in Dr. Rath's book, "The Heart".

Title page of the patent for this breakthrough