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The Documentation About "Codex Alimentarius"

The History of the Codex Alimentarius Commission

1990 - 2002

The following timeline summarizes the direct connection between Dr. Rath's medical breakthrough and the pharma-cartel's information boycott using the Codex Alimentarius:

1990 First scientific publications explaining the true causes of cardio-vascular disease:
- "Solving the riddle of cardio-vascular disease"
- "Unified basis of cardio-vascular disease"
1993 Dr. Rath's first popular science book about this medical breakthrough appears in the United States of America
1993 Through a malicious campaign in the U.S. media, the pharma-cartel attempts to declare vitamins the same as medications by law.
1994 The therapy developed by Dr. Rath receives the first patent in history for the natural reversal of hardening of the arteries.
1994 A popular movement in the U.S.A. demands a law for free access to vitamins (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act). This law guarantees free distribution of health-related information regarding vitamins and other natural treatments.
1996 Dr. Rath's book, "Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks - But People Do" appears for the first time in German.
1996 In October, the Codex Alimentarius Commission meets in Bonn to promote global restrictions on vitamins.
1997 Dr. Rath's book becomes a bestseller in Germany and Austria.
1997 In June, Dr. Rath holds an historical presentation in the town hall of Chemnitz, Germany. The "business with disease" promoted by the pharmaceutical industry is exposed for the first time and declared incompatible with human rights.
1998 The Internet website www.dr-rath.com becomes the most visited source for health-related information in the world.
1998 In October, another Codex conference occurs in Berlin, Germany. Delegates from 44 countries participate. On the evening before the conference, Dr. Rath charges the pharma-cartel and its political henchmen in the "Berlin Tribunal" with violations of human rights.

Dr. Rath, colleagues from his network and over 13,000 protesters demonstrate at the site of the Codex conference in Berlin.

This protest temporarily stops the unethical plans of the pharma-cartel.

1999 In concert with the international Codex strategy, the pharma-cartel tries to criminalize all natural medicines worldwide. They exploit the laws of various nations. Through a massive campaign in Europe, Dr. Rath stops the passage of MLX-249 in the United Kingdom, a law that would have criminalized all supplements.

Germany, France and other countries still attempt to make similar laws.

2000 The next Codex conference takes place in Berlin June 19-23. The pharma-cartel lobbies again for a worldwide ban on information about vitamins and other natural treatments.

Work by Dr. Rath's research institute in the USA succeeds in precisely identifying biological substances that prevent the spread of cancer cells. The research findings demonstrate a complete stop to the spread of cancer cells for many kinds of cancer - not just a slowing down.

In November millions of e-mailed votes and hundreds of people demonstrating outside the conference building once again prevent a resolution by the Codex Alimentarius Conference.


After the pioneering findings on cancer research, the pharmaceutical cartel feels compelled to act. In March 2002 a directive is passed forbidding the use of effective, natural dietary supplements for the prevention of disease.

A few days thereafter the MLX 282 draft bill is published in the United Kingdom. The bill would completely ban the making of health claims about natural substances. Millions of e-mailed votes cause the UK Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health Lord Hunt to confirm that the UK Government opposes the measures set out in MLX 282.

Individual stages of this historical development are described in more detail on the following pages.