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The Documentation About "Codex Alimentarius"

The History of the Codex Alimentarius Commission


After the molecular structure of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and most trace elements had been decoded in the 1920s and 1930s they became available in any amount to anyone. Like air, water, fire and earth, the formulas for these compounds came from nature and belonged to everyone.

These substances had amazing powers to treat individual illnesses and they also had the ability to fight widespread diseases such as hardening of the arteries, heart disease, osteoporosis and many others.

However, these materials had one great disadvantage in the eyes of the pharmaceutical industry: they could not be patented. Pursuing their manufacture produced too little profit and ultimately they blocked the pharmaceutical industry's strategy for exploiting the human body and its diseases.

The pharmaceutical industry recognized that vitamins and minerals would become the preferred method of treatment. Demand for prescription drugs would fall and remain flat. The industry would never grow. Sooner or later the pharmaceutical business would collapse.

Therefore, in 1962, the pharma-cartel took action. They identified a new political body, the United Nations, and its potential to influence the world. The cartel needed an ally in the new organization, and they found it in the Codex Commission.

From 1962 to 1990, this scheme worked. The pharma-cartel protected its world market and with the help of lobbying, manipulation, bribery, threats, and laws written by corrupt politicians, it created a money machine steeped in international high finance.

The following page illustrates the pharma-cartel's global system of deceit. The organization has one goal: to seize over a billion dollars each year from millions of people for an illusion: good health through pharmaceutical medicine.

The Pharmaceutical "Business with Disease":
A Global System of Deceit

Because of this conspiracy, millions of people pay billions
of dollars for medicine that will never help them. The blue curve
symbolizes the veil of lies, which is the foundation for the
"pharmaceutical business with disease."