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The Fight for Vitamin Freedom

Codex Alimentarius will be seen by future generations as the greatest threat to the basic human right of health. Never before in history has a special interest group, the pharmaceutical industry, so shamelessly tried to compromise the health of millions of people in order to maintain their billion-dollar markets for prescription drugs.

Having free access to information about the health benefits of vitamins and other natural therapies is the key to a healthy and long life without the risk of side effects and new diseases associated with many prescription drugs. The dissemination of this life-saving information on natural health offers the unique chance to get control over cardiovascular disease and many other health problems. A ban on these natural remedies – as planned by Codex Alimentarius – would mean that these diseases would continue unnecessarily.

All this was at stake at the Codex-Meeting in Berlin in June 2000. Behind closed doors these plans were ready to be passed. They would affect the lives of 6 billion people and their descendants – and yet, hardly anyone knew about them. Worse, those who knew did not dare to speak out. In this situation, thousands of patients and other supporters of Dr. Rath’s World Health Alliance gathered in Berlin to protest against these plans.

They were supported by delegates from other countries and by more than half a million protest letters from people around the world who had visited Dr. Rath’s website and decided to say no to these plans. Equally important, on the eve of the Codex-Meeting Dr. Rath organized a health symposium attended by patients and doctors alike that gave a breathtaking view of the future: a world without heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure and other diseases that are common today.

Because of this massive protest, the Codex Alimentarius plans did not pass. This victory was even more remarkable since Dr. Rath and the people supporting his cause represented the only visible opposition to these unethical plans. The victory against Codex Alimentarius is of truly historic proportions. Every human being living on earth today, and all future generations, will benefit from these efforts. For decades to come the events in Berlin in June 2000 will be seen as an example of how the courage and determination of a few honest people can move mountains and make a contribution towards a better world.