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Outlaw the "Business with Disease":
The Chemnitz Program

"Compared to the reality of the drug industry, my book reads like a vacation post card"
John Le Carre, Author

On Saturday, June 21st, 1997, Dr. Rath gave a programmatic speech at the City Hall of Chemnitz, Germany. In this speech, Dr. Rath revealed the reasons why the German government is spearheading the “Codex Alimentarius” Commission, an effort by an international pharmaceutical cartel to ban worldwide any health information in relation to vitamins and other natural therapies.

“Only once in the history of mankind comes the moment when the breakthrough towards the control of cardiovascular disease is made. This moment is now.” This is the beginning of the proclamation for the worldwide initiative 21st Century Eradicating Heart Disease.

Today we have come together to make a major stride towards this aim. Today will be the day when we, the people of Chemnitz, Germany, and the world begin to liberate ourselves from the yoke of those who make billions of dollars at the expense of our health. We are determined to protect our health and lives and to liberate ourselves from the perils of cardiovascular death and other diseases.

Throughout thousands of years of recorded history, our ancestors have looked at the night sky and asked themselves about the nature of the universe and the laws that determine movement of the sun, the moon, and the stars. For thousands of years their conclusion was that the earth is the center of the universe, the sun circles around the earth, and the stars are attached to crystal shells in heaven. The daily sunrise in the East and the sunset in the West left no doubt that these were the laws governing the universe as described by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy.