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Outlaw the "Business with Disease": The Chemnitz Program

The Chemnitz Program

  1. We, the people of this Earth, are aware that at the end of the 20th Century we still have completely inadequate knowledge of our bodies and of the causes of good health and disease. Physical incapacity is today forcing millions of people into disastrous physical and financial dependency on interest groups which profit from the continued existence of disease, principal among them being the pharmaceutical industry.
  2. The corporate purpose of the pharmaceutical industry is the trade in disease, not the prevention or eradication of disease. The pharmaceutical industry has a direct financial interest in the continued existence of disease as the prerequisite for the continuing growth of pharmaceutical markets.
  3. The pharmaceutical industry's most lucrative business comes from those diseases that are most widespread. The pharmaceutical industry itself is the main obstacle to medical breakthrough in the control of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cardiac insufficiency, cancer, osteoporosis and other endemic public health scourges.
  4. The trade in disease is one of the most profitable trades there is. The profits made by the pharmaceutical industry are several times greater than the average for other industries. These pharmaceutical industry profits are the main reason for skyrocketing health-care costs. The economies of virtually all industrialised countries in the world are in the stranglehold of the pharmaceutical industry.
  5. We, the people of this Earth, are doubly damaged by this state of affairs. Firstly, we have to meet the skyrocketing health-care costs either directly or indirectly. Secondly, we receive no return on our money in the form either of good health or the control of endemic public health problems.
  6. In the face of express resistance from the pharmaceutical industry, a medical breakthrough has now been achieved which will lead to cardiovascular diseases being brought under control. Heart attack and stroke are not true diseases, they are the consequences of chronic vitamin deficiency - and as such are preventable.
  7. Now that humanity has the unique opportunity to free itself from the scourge of heart disease, pharmaceutical companies are forming a worldwide cartel designed to prevent this happening. To achieve their aims the pharmaceutical companies are willing to accept the continuing existence of cardiovascular disease and the premature deaths of millions of people.
  8. These activities have laid bare the pharmaceutical industry's true agenda for all the world to see. We, the people of this Earth, are no longer prepared to subject ourselves to the yoke of this immoral interest group.
  9. We declare that the pharmaceutical industry, whose business is founded on the maintenance of disease, is unethical and incompatible with the fundamental principles of human rights. We demand immediate legal steps to ban this industry from conducting its business.
  10. The intentional maintenance of disease in order to promote sales of drugs and the prevention of the eradication of disease have as a consequence the death of millions of people. In view of the scale of this crime they must be punished with the most severe penalty available under prevailing law, and further laws must be passed by the nations of the world without delay. At international level these misdeeds must immediately be pursued as criminal violations of human rights.
  11. Existing pharmaceutical companies must be subjected to immediate investigation into the extent to which they have enriched themselves from the deliberate maintenance of disease and prevention of its eradication. If the pharmaceutical companies are found guilty of this crime, their assets must be seized in payment of damages to affected parties and the community generally.
  12. Politicians and other accomplices who are guilty of aiding and abetting crimes of this sort must be called to account before the courts of law.
  13. Laws preventing free access to and use of vitamins and other natural therapies must be repealed.
  14. Above all, this programme lays the foundations for a new system of health care. As a first step, the preservation and improvement of health will be declared an inalienable human right.
  15. The primary goal of the new health care system will be the prevention and eradication of disease. Vitamin research and Cellular Medicine constitute a sound scientific basis for the implementation of effective, side-effect free and economical health care measures.
  16. We, the people of this Earth, declare that we will build up this new system of health care and that we ourselves will form the cornerstones of this new system.
  17. The foundation of this new system of health care is the provision of comprehensive public information and education on health care issues. In every town and city, information and advice centres will be set up through which committed lay persons and members of the healing professions can contribute to the creation of this new system.
  18. The training of existing health professionals will be extended and new health professions will be created with the goal of guaranteeing basic grass-roots health care.
  19. Health-care education will be made a compulsory subject in schools and the further education of the public on health-care issues will be promoted at all levels.
  20. Medical research and licensing of drugs will be subjected to a comprehensive system of public control.

From this meeting here in Chemnitz we call upon the people of Germany, Europe and the world: support this program and implement it in your town and your country. Do it for your own health and for the health of future generations. We call upon everyone to vote only for politicians who support this program and help to fulfill it. Do not trust any politician who functions as a puppet of the Pharma-Cartel. The audience responded to the Chemnitz Program with a standing ovation of several minutes.

Ladies and gentlemen, as you leave, take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling that a new era has begun. No one can accomplish the mission that lies before us, but ourselves.

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