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Outlaw the "Business with Disease": The Chemnitz Program

What Do We Have to Do?

These facts underscore the necessity for an entirely new structure of the health care system. Every day that we allow these unscrupulous practices to continue, thousands of people pay with their lives. What can we do?

In the United States the Attorneys General of 34 states sued the cigarette manufacturers in order to recover the health care costs caused by cigarette smoking. The cigarette giants started to shake in their boots, and they face an ultimate fine of over $400,000 million dollars to make up for damages caused by their product. Of course, they knew all along about the crimes they had committed. If I am not mistaken, the damage caused by pharmaceutical corporations to millions of patients and to the public sector of essentially every country in the world, exceeds the damage done by tobacco several times.

The most important step to change things is that we not only denounce abuses, but that we take part in constructing a new health care. Once we have liberated ourselves from the yoke of the pharmaceutical cartel, the prospects for improvement of human health are breathtaking. Within the next few generations most common diseases can be controlled and the average life expectancy can increase by ten years or more. Growing older in full physical health will be the rule, not the exception.

I have asked myself whether there has ever been a parallel situation in human history where the people had to liberate themselves from such an ever-present suffocating grip by a small but powerful interest group. Here is this historic parallel...

History Repeats Itself: Liberation from False Dependence

Imagine that you live somewhere in Europe 500 years ago. Eighty percent of the people are farmers living in the poorest conditions imaginable. You cannot read or write, and every other one of your children dies before their fifth year from preventable childhood diseases. Tributes to the earthly dukes and magnates have already left you penniless.

Now the Roman Church comes along, the only church in Europe at that time, and declares to millions of believers that the key to heaven is through Rome.

If you do not pay, says Rome, your soul will go to purgatory or immediately to hell. Millions of Thaler, the currency of that time, were thus extorted by the Roman church from their faithful believers, in the form of indulgence payments. The extorted indulgence money, of course, was used for rather worldly projects. For example, for the reconstruction and gold ornamentation of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome. To secure the constant flow of money, indulgence sellers regularly visited the villages and towns of medieval Europe. Their sales pitch was: “Only if the Thaler is clinking in the chest, the soul will spring out of purgatory.” Here you are, and you don't know whether you should use your last pennies to feed your children or to buy entry to heaven for your own soul. But then it happened: on October 31st, 1517, a young monk nailed 35 theses to the castle church of Wittenberg.

Martin Luther’s message was simple and clear: neither the church in Rome nor anybody else can sell the key to heaven because the key to heaven is within yourself. This simple message released a storm wind of spiritual liberation. Suddenly millions of people realized that they had been cheated and abused for decades and for one purpose only: the boundless enrichment of Rome.

The storm of liberation was so powerful that the existing systems of the world came tumbling down. On April 18th, 1521, only four years later, Luther was called in front of the emperor’s Diet in the city of Worms. In the presence of Emperor Charles V and the pontifical legates, he was pressed to recant in order to stabilize the antiquated order of things. Luther did not recant.

This day in Worms is considered the single most important day in this millennium, because, like no other, it influenced the further development of this millennium. The liberation of the human mind from a century-old yoke of spiritual slavery had become irreversible.

Millions of illiterate farmers learned to read and write with the help of the German translation of the Bible. During the course of the 16th century the illiteracy rate in Europe dropped from 80% to 20%. Commerce and trade began to blossom because now people could write.

Ulrich von Hutten, a contemporary of Luther, described the incredible feeling of liberation with the words, “What a joy it is to live.” The medieval times had ended once and for all and the liberation of the human spirit and intellect released resources in all sectors of society and made Europe the most influential continent on Planet Earth.

Today, 500 years later, we find ourselves in a similar dependency. This time it is not the dependency of the mind and the intellect, but the dependency of our bodies and our health. Just as 500 years ago, millions of people are being deprived of their last money for an illusion: health through the pharmaceutical industry.

It is high time that this illusion is ended. Thus, as it was 500 years ago, the message today is simple. Nobody except yourself owns the key to your health. The liberation of mankind towards health will liberate similar resources in all sectors of society, like the intellectual liberation 500 years ago.

We cannot wait another day. Today, here in Chemnitz we hammer the thesis of liberation for human health to the walls, but these are more than theses. The results of the clinical studies have already confirmed this thesis. Therefore, today we present the Chemnitz Program, which will become the foundation of a new health care approach on a worldwide scale.

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