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Outlaw the "Business with Disease": The Chemnitz Program

Learn from History

Twice this century the people in Germany have kept their mouths shut until it was too late. This cannot happen a third time. We, the people of Germany, now have a chance to prove to the entire world that we have learned from history.

The next meeting of the Codex Commission will take place in Bonn in the autumn of 1998. What can we do? We will keep our political representatives on their toes until the German government prohibits any future participation of political or corporate representatives in the Codex Commission. Those political representatives who do not listen to us will be voted out of office next year. It’s that easy! We won't forget that: “We are the people!”

Chancellor Kohl will receive a letter dated today in which he is asked to stop any further support of the Codex Commission by the German government immediately. If he does not comply with this request within four weeks, I will publicly demand that he be impeached for breaking his oath of avoiding any harm to the German people.

Pharmaceutical Industry Deceives the General Public

The pharmaceutical industry continues to control our society. Pharmaceutical interests control medical research, and have entire health professions dependent. To maintain and secure their position of power, the pharmaceutical companies manipulate the legislation and the media. In large-scale advertising campaigns trough all media, the pharmaceutical PR and propaganda department creates a smoke screen concealing the true interests of the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical companies try to portray themselves in the light of Louis Pasteur, Robert Koch and other pioneers in medicine. They claim to be interested in the eradication of diseases in order to serve humanity. The truth, however, is the exact opposite: the pharmaceutical industry is interested in keeping diseases alive as a basis for an expanding pharmaceutical drug market. The goals of the Codex Cartel deliberately obstruct the eradication of diseases. Thus, the pharmaceutical industry does not act in the tradition of the saviourhood of humanity, but in the tradition of the IG Farben, a group of organized criminals willing to sacrifice countless human lives in order to maintain their profits.

In other deceptive advertisements the pharmaceutical industry claims that the eradication of infectious diseases is their merit. Fact is, however, that the most important treatments of infectious diseases, as well as penicillin and other antibiotics, were discovered at publicly financed universities. The only credit the pharmaceutical industry deserves is that they immediately tried to use these discoveries for their own profit. Millions of people and taxpayers were defrauded: they not only paid for the research at public universities, but on top of that, they had to pay for the drugs developed with public funds but marketed by pharmaceutical companies.

In other deceptive PR campaigns, the pharmaceutical companies claim that with their help, life expectancy has doubled throughout this century. However, the fact is that every medical textbook documents that this progress is the result of better hygiene and has nothing to do with antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs. What a lie, considering the fact that the pharmaceutical cartel is trying to ban health information for vitamins, fully aware of the fact that by doing so, they shorten the life expectancy of millions of people by decades.

A further deception of the public is the campaign for cholesterol-lowering drugs. Millions of hibernating animals have cholesterol levels of 400 mg to 600 mg per deciliter, yet they don't get heart attacks because they stabilize their artery walls with sufficient vitamins wich they produce in their own bodies, or take up in the diet. The connection between cholesterol and heart disease obviously is another illusion maintained by the manufacturers of cholesterol-lowering drugs.

The only thing we know for sure about cholesterol-lowering drugs is that all of them can cause cancer. In January 1996, the Journal of the American Medical Association alerted the medical community and the general public about the fact that cholesterol-lowering drugs have caused cancer in dosages close to those currently swallowed by millions of people worldwide. The pharmaceutical companies are not impressed by these facts. In large-scale TV spots and advertising campaigns they continue to sell these cancer time bombs as if they were lollipops or chewing gum.

On June 23rd, 1997, Fortune magazine, one of the major Wall Street weeklies, carried an article about the health care system. It contained an interview with an investment consultant for pharmaceutical companies who claimed that “everyone loses if eradication therapy catches on.” With “everyone” he, of course, does not mean you or millions of patients. This consultant simply stated what everyone on Wall Street knows: the research and therapeutic decisions within the pharmaceutical companies are guided by the financial interests of the shareholders.

The profits of the pharmaceutical companies during the past 25 years were on average 500% percent above the average of all industry branches. In other words the business with ongoing diseases is the most lucrative business in the world, and millions of people pay the bill, directly and indirectly. The exploding health care costs, paid for by the people and the patients, are nothing but the insatiable greed of the pharmaceutical companies.

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