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The Rath / Pauling Manifesto

We also decided to inform the general public directly through the media. At a press conference on July 2, 1992, we presented the advances in vitamin research and the possible eradication of heart disease to the world. If the information about this medical breakthrough had not been suppressed by special interest groups for six long years, the entire world would know today that vitamins prevent heart attacks. If this information had been promoted instead of sabotaged, more than 60 million lives could have been spared from unnecessary, preventable heart attacks and strokes.

At this press conference we also introduced the Rath-Pauling Manifesto to the world. With his last public appeal, Linus Pauling supported the medical breakthrough of my scientific publications. This historic appeal ended with the sentence, “The goal of eliminating heart disease as the major cause of death and disability is now in sight.” This sentence marks a turning point in medicine.

A Historical Success for the People of America

The pharmaceutical companies reacted immediately through the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A nationwide campaign was started to prohibit all health claims in relation to vitamins and other natural substances.

This does not surprise anyone who knows that essentially all reviewers and advisors of the FDA are paid employees of pharmaceutical companies. I recommend everyone to read Thomas Moore’s book, Deadly Medicine, revealing the fact that the FDA is essentially controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical companies, realizing that the information about the eradication through vitamins could not be stopped any other way, decided to achieve their aims by simply changing the law. 1993 was also the year that my book, Eradicating Heart Disease was published in the U.S.A. It summarized the medical breakthrough in vitamin research and heart disease in popular language. Tens of thousands of Americans used this book and other studies on the health benefits of vitamins to convince their political representatives not to give in to the unethical plans of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA. Newsweek described this fight for free access to vitamins as “the largest movement since the Vietnam war” Again, the interests of the people prevailed over apparently overwhelming economic interests.

In August, 1994, the US Senate and House of Representatives unanimously passed the Nutritional Health and Education Act, a monumental law preserving and guaranteeing free access to vitamins and other natural health products. This law did not simply maintain the status quo, it also allows truthful health information in relation to vitamins to be distributed. From a historical point of view, a popular movement of millions of Americans had just inflicted the worst defeat in their history upon the pharmaceutical companies and their interest groups. More importantly, millions of Americans had won a historic victory from which all of mankind will benefit.

"Codex Alimentarius"

Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical companies did not give in, even though America, the most powerful country in the world, had started to liberate itself from the yoke of the pharmaceutical interests. Led by the German pharmaceutical companies and under the political auspices of the German government, the international pharmaceutical consortium started its latest offensive. They activated a so-called expert commission of the United Nations with the mysterious name, “Codex Alimentarius.”

This commission held a clandestine meeting under German presidency and guidance in Bonn, Germany, in October 1996. The official participation of high-level representatives of the German government (Departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture) showed that the aims of this commission have the support of the German cabinet and Chancellor, a case of highest priority for Chancellor Kohl. Against the votes of the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, and representatives of other countries, the German delegation pushed the following decisions through:

All health statements in relation to the preventive and therapeutic effects of vitamins and other natural substances shall be prohibited for all member countries of the United Nations, that is, worldwide.

Only those natural vitamins and other natural products that meet the much too low so-called daily allowances of the pharmaceutical cartel, can be sold in the future.

Countries resisting the implementation of these decisions as binding laws are to be punished by international economic sanctions organized under the United Nations World Trade Organization and other bodies.

The German government had taken precautions in case the activities of this clandestine “Codex” Cartel were revealed prematurely: the presidency of this Codex Commission was assigned to Dr. Somogyi: the head of the German federal agency for consumer protection. The politicians in Bonn were well aware of the explosive power of this commission, and therefore decided to cover up this enterprise as “ consumer protection” in order to deceive the public about the true nature of the “Codex” Cartel.

In January 1997 we talked about the goals of the Codex commission to United States Congressman Peter de Fazio, an advocate for vitamin freedom. Of particular interest was the threat of economic sanctions against those countries that did not comply with the “Codex” Cartel. By imposing economic sanctions the Pharma-Cartel wants to force all other industries at its side. The motto of the Pharma-Cartel appears to be “If you, Microsoft, Volkswagen, and Sony, do not support the information boycott for vitamins, we will make sure that within the framework of the Codex law, you will not be able to sell your software, cars, and electronic products in other countries.”

We have to realize that the Pharma-Cartel and its political accomplices apparently declared war on the health and life interests of all mankind. Because the interests of the Pharma-Cartel are against the health interests of entire mankind, the battle will be fierce; therefore, the Cartel tries to force other industries behind its unethical plans by means of laws.

Our answer is clear: these unscrupulous and unethical plans are not a sign of strength of the pharmaceutical companies, but a sign of desperation. The news that animals don’t get heart attacks because they manufacture their own vitamin C will bring down a billion dollar market in cholesterol-lowering drugs, betablockers, calcium antagonists, and other cardiovascular drugs. Our determined “No” to these unethical human plans is summarized in the Petition for Vitamin Freedom. I encourage you to talk with friends, neighbors, and colleagues about the Codex Commission, and let them sign the Petition for Vitamin Freedom.

Together, we will prevent the unethical plans of the Pharma-Cartel.

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