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Solution to the Puzzle

Today I invite you to join us in our mission to eradicate heart disease. I am convinced that the truth will prevail against economically strong, but morally weak, interest groups. The next part of my presentation will provide you with insights into the milestones we have already passed in this historic process.

My 1991 scientific publication, Solution to the Puzzle of Cardiovascular Disease, laid the foundation of the new understanding of this health condition. For the first time it became clear that heart attacks and strokes are not actual diseases, but the direct consequence of chronic vitamin deficiency. It also became clear that cardiovascular disease can be eradicated and will be essentially unknown in future generations.

At that time, I was Director of Cardiovascular Research at the Linus Pauling Institute in California, and I asked the two-time Nobel laureate to support these far-reaching conclusions as co-author. Linus Pauling happily agreed, because he saw his own life’s work confirmed.

This scientific sensation quickly reached the executive offices of the pharmaceutical companies. It was immediately clear that if this discovery was understood by millions of people, a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical drug market would inevitably collapse. As a countermeasure, the pharmaceutical companies decided to form a worldwide cartel in order to prevent by all means the further distribution of this information.

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