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Cellular Medicine is the Future

A comparison with conventional medicine underscores why Cellular Medicine is the medicine of the future: in the treatment of coronary heart disease conventional medicine today essentially offers mechanical solutions which are unable to correct the underlying problem. The deposits in the coronary arteries are either squeezed flat by means of a balloon catheter, or detoured by means of bypass surgery.

In contrast with conventional medicine, Cellular Medicine focuses on the natural correction of the underlying problem: the reversal of the deposits themselves. This is accomplished by providing the cells of the artery walls with vitamins and other bioenergy carriers in order to stimulate collagen production and natural healing processes.

The earlier picture also shows how important it is to stop the lie and deception campaign that vitamins and other natural substances are a way back to medieval times. Quite the opposite is true: vitamin therapy and Cellular Medicine are the prevention and basic therapies of the future. Think about the comparison in this picture. Isn't it impressive how our thinking has been manipulated in such a way that we accept expensive and dangerous repair intervention in our body? At the same time, we allow the pharmaceutical industry and their PR and lobby groups to spread lies about alleged side effects of natural substances and publicly question the documented healing power.

We have to realize that this confusion in public opinion is no coincidence and that it is deliberately used by the pharmaceutical industry and other interest groups. The aim of this mass manipulation is to hide the true causes for health and disease for the people. By doing so, a false and fatal dependency upon this industry is created, which leads the people to part with responsibility for their bodies and their health.

We also have to recognize that this dependency is the precondition for a billion-dollar business feeding on existing diseases. An effective health care reform start with us, the people, freeing ourselves from these dependencies. Vitamin research and Cellular Medicine enable everyone to take responsibility for their own health and lives to an extent unknown up to now.

A further impressive example of why the future of medicine belongs to Cellular Medicine is heart failure. Everyone knows people with shortness of breath, edema and chronic fatigue. If you are diagnosed with heart failure today, your chances of surviving the next five years are less than 50%! The only hope that conventional medicine can offer you is that a donor heart for a heart transplant is found in time, before you die.

Modern Cellular Medicine is a logical and convincing way out of this deadlock. The main cause of heart failure is a chronic deficiency of bioenergy in millions of cells of the heart. The purpose of these cells is to maintain an optimum pumping function for the blood circulation. If this bioenergy is supplied in the form of vitamins and other natural energy carriers, heart failure is effectively treated by preventing the underlying problem. Heart transplants and drug therapies which only treat the symptoms of this condition become unnecessary. When Christian Barnard first transplanted a heart in 1967, this procedure was built up to a media spectacle, which was only rivalled by the landing on the moon. This important surgical technique that might be used in certain exceptional cases has also been abused to hide the true causes of this disease: chronic vitamin deficiency. The consequences for human health: in the last three decades over 100 million people died worldwide from the consequences of heart failure - a preventable health condition. At the same time, the pharmaceutical companies made millions of dollars selling pharmaceutical drugs, which are simply unable to correct and treat the underlying causes of heart failure.

Do you realize how powerful the interest of the pharmaceutical industry is to hide the facts and disguise the truth?

Joey, a former stewardess had her first heart transplant at the age of 20 because of acute heart failure. Five years later her health condition had deteriorated to the point where a second heart transplant had become necessary. This is when she started with the vitamin program we developed. After a few months her health condition had improved to an extent that the heart transplant could be canceled. Joey asked me to tell her story to everyone, and you will also find it documented in my new book, Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks.

Of course, there will always be a need for specialists who can conduct bypass surgery and heart transplants in severe cases. But this will be the exception. Bioenergy supply through vitamins will be the basic prevention and therapy for heart failure in the future.

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