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Victory Over Heart Attacks

Once again, mankind is urged to liberate itself from another disease that has taken the lives of millions of people and brought on indescribable misery over this planet. The only obstacle that we still have to overcome is the resistance by the pharmaceutical corporations. With the continuation of cardiovascular disease, the pharmaceutical industry is making billions of dollars every year. With the eradication of cardiovascular disease, this billion-dollar market is going to collapse.

To assure the continuation of this billion dollar pharmaceutical market, the German and international pharmaceutical corporations have formed a worldwide cartel. They gave this cartel the Latin code name “Codex Alimentarius.” The purpose of this Codex Cartel is to bring about international legislation to ban the distribution of lifesaving health information in relation to vitamins.

We have to recognize that the pharmaceutical cartel is deliberately continuing the cardiovascular epidemic in the interests of securing a worldwide pharmaceutical drug market. We, the people of the world, can no longer close our eyes to the fact that there is an industry willing to let millions of people die unnecessarily from preventable heart attacks and strokes, in order to increase the price of shares.

We have launched the international initiative, 21st Century Eradicating Heart Disease to counteract these unethical interest groups. I urge you to support this worldwide initiative with your signature. Talk about the aims of this initiative wherever you live and work.

It is clear that to accomplish the goal of eradicating heart disease we cannot rely on anyone else. We, ourselves, millions of people, have to liberate mankind from this epidemic. We can accomplish this goal, because we have a completely new understanding about health and disease of our human body at our disposal.

The foundation of this new understanding is Cellular Medicine, a health principle that everyone can understand and use. Health and disease are determined at the level of millions of body cells. The most frequent cause of malfunction of these cells is insufficiency of bioenergy. Like the motor of your car with too little oil, millions of cells in our body are running dry of essential bioenergy. The most important energy carriers that we get from our diet are vitamins, minerals, certain amino acids, and trace elements. Cardiovascular diseases are particularly frequent because this organ system is subject to high mechanical demands due to the continuous pumping function of the heart and blood circulation. An optimum daily supplementation of vitamins and other essential bioenergy compounds can effectively prevent not only cardiovascular diseases, but also other chronic diseases.

In a similar way the causes of the most common diseases, like high blood pressure, heart failure, and irregular heartbeat are no longer a secret. They are the immediate results of long-term deficiency of our body cells of vitamins and other essential nutrients. During the next decade the competent application of Cellular Medicine will cut down the most common diseases to a fraction of their current numbers.

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