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Outlaw the "Business with Disease": The Chemnitz Program

Natural Reversal of Atherosclerosis

Subsequently, the patients started with our vitamin program. Under this therapy the development was reversed, and the growth rate of coronary deposits substantially decreased. For patients with early coronary heart disease the process could be stopped within one year.

In individual cases this vitamin therapy led to the complete disappearance of coronary artery deposits in a natural way. The existing deposits, in the picture on the left-hand side, have totally disappeared after one year of our vitamin program.

The explanation for this picture is logical: the ingredients of the vitamin program have stimulated a natural healing process of the artery wall.

This study marks a turning point in medicine and in health awareness on a worldwide scale. It confirms that heart attack is the direct consequence of vitamin deficiency. Coronary atherosclerosis, the cause of heart attacks, can be stopped in its early stages.

This study also confirms that the natural reversal of coronary sclerosis is possible and that, in the future, bypass surgery and angioplasty will be the exception. We now also know that the worldwide cardiovascular epidemic can be controlled at a fraction of the previous cost. However, the most important fact is, that this medical breakthrough can be used immediately by millions of people worldwide. The application of these findings will lead to a significant reduction of heart attacks and strokes and, to their eradication.

This study also confirms that the following statistic is not a coincidence: vitamin C consumption in the U.S. has in- creased manifold over the last three decades. Parallel in this frequency of heart attacks and strokes as the cause of death has been cut in half. Our study now paves the way for similar successes in Europe and other parts of the world. How urgently this development is needed can be seen from the following statistics:

While heart attacks and strokes have decreased by 50% in the U.S., people continue to die like flies from this epidemic in Europe and other parts of the world. In Western Europe, the frequency of heart attacks has remained high constantly, while the frequency of heart attacks and strokes in eastern European countries still increases. Our study also provides an explanation for this phenomenon: every second person in America takes vitamins on a regular basis. In Europe fewer than 5% do.

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