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Atherosclerosis at Age 30

Besides fat particles, advanced atherosclerotic deposits also contain calcium molecules. These calcium molecules are so characteristic that they gave the disease athero-“sclerosis” its name. These calcium molecules can also be released in a natural way, as documented in our clinical study. The most important vitamin that optimizes calcium metabolism is vitamin D. Make sure that your daily diet contains an optimum amount of vitamin D.

At age 30, every second young person has already developed early atherosclerosis in their coronary arteries. This disease develops over many years without our knowing it, and if nothing is done, this process will sooner or later lead to a heart attack. Our goal was to develop a natural therapy to stop this dangerous process in its early stages. We knew that if we were successful in halting atherosclerosis, we would ultimately prevent the occurrence of heart attacks, and the eradication of heart disease would become reality. The natural health program that we developed is composed of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements, and it has become the world's leading cardiovascular health program. The following clinical study took us a further step on this way. We tested our vitamin program in a clinical study with 55 patients with different grades of coronary heart disease. To measure the degree of coronary artery deposits we used the most advanced diagnostic technology in the world, Ultrafast Computed Tomography, the so-called mammogram of the heart.

The computer automatically measured the size of the deposits within the arteries by multiplying the area and the density of the deposits. From these data the coronary sclerosis factor was obtained. The larger this sclerosis factor was, the more advanced the coronary artery disease. Because of its significance for the health of every human being, I have documented this study in my new book, Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks. The most important study results are the following: First, we evaluated how fast the atherosclerotic deposits develop in coronary heart disease patients without any vitamin therapy. Every year the coronary deposits increase by 44% on average. Thus, without any vitamin therapy, the deposits increased at an accelerated speed, every year they increased by half of their previous size. Untreated coronary atherosclerosis does not develop gradually towards a heart attack, but at an accelerated speed. This is the first time that the actual growth rate of coronary sclerosis has been measured.

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