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The People Themselves are the Driving Force

It is important that we understand the following: the driving forces behind the acceptance of Pasteur’s discoveries were not his academic colleagues. People like YOU discovered that these vaccines could save their own lives and the lives of their children. They did not care about dogmas. People like you swept away the medieval times in medicine. Only 100 years later, the World Health Organization officially declared smallpox as eradicated for mankind.

During the 20th century, heart attacks, strokes, and other forms of cardiovascular disease replaced infectious diseases as the leading cause of death. In all industrialized countries, cardiovascular disease has reached epidemic proportions. Today, every second woman and man dies from this epidemic, and it continues to spread on a worldwide scale. This is even more surprising considering the fact that the largest study ever conducted on Planet Earth leaves no doubt: heart attacks and strokes are not actual diseases. They are, rather, the direct consequence of long term vitamin deficiency, and they are preventable. Nature itself conducted the largest study ever, with countless study participants and over thousands of generations. One study group in this investigation comprised the entire animal kingdom, 99.9% of all living beings on Planet Earth. Animals don't get heart attacks because they produce a large amount of vitamin C in their own bodies, which stabilizes the artery walls. The second group in this giant investigation comprises six thousand million people today. Among humans, heart attacks and strokes are rampant because our body cannot produce its own vitamin C and almost none of us receives enough vitamins through our diet.

The most astonishing fact about this study is that hardly anybody knows about it. Don't you think it is high time that we spread the result of this global study everywhere? Don't you think these discoveries are much more relevant to everyone than those made 400 years ago, saying that the earth circles the sun?

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