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The Greatest Challenge for Health and Life

Throughout history, many other epidemics including plague, cholera, and smallpox, were the number one killers. As recently as 400 years ago, one-third of the European population fell victim to epidemics. The cause of these epidemics was well known at the time: epidemics were the curse of heaven for the sins of mankind.

Everything changed 100 years ago. The French chemist Louis Pasteur discovered that infections are not a curse, but are caused by bacteria and other micro-organisms. Pasteur’s discovery paved the way for the development of vaccines and antibiotics. Was this important discovery immediately welcomed? No, of course not. His colleagues and the medical academy attacked Pasteur on the grounds that he was not a physician, but merely a chemist. When cowpox vaccines were first used to prevent deadly smallpox infections, this treatment was openly ridiculed. Nineteenth century caricatures show cows growing out of the bodies of people who had just been vaccinated with the lifesaving cowpox vaccine.

The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said: “New thoughts and new truths go through three stages. First, they are ridiculed. Next, they are violently opposed. Then, finally, they are accepted as being self-evident.”

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