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Suddenly Everything Changed

It changed with the life of this man Galileo Galilei. When Galileo was born in 1654, the sun circled around the earth. After he had died, it was the other way around — the earth circled around the sun. Of course, the planets did not change their course during his lifetime. What had changed was the way mankind learned to look at the universe. The scientific discoveries of Galileo Galilei terminated the medieval age in science and inaugurated what we know today as modern time.

Was this groundbreaking discovery immediately welcomed? Of course not. Galileo faced life-long opposition by his colleagues, and the Roman Church banished him for heresy. Now, not even 400 years later, the American spacecraft Voyager has crossed our entire solar system. Everything Galileo discovered has been confirmed. Before Voyager left our solar system into the darkness of the universe, it turned around one last time and provided us with a fascinating view of our solar system and of Planet Earth. For the first time, a picture was taken that provided us with a unique look at ourselves and mankind's role in the universe. Planet Earth is only a small dot.

New perceptions are not confined to the universe. Of particular importance are these changes in medicine, because they directly affect millions of lives.

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