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Dr Rath's Health Alliance Stops Pharma-Ban on Natural Therapies

For the fifth time in a row the plans of the pharmaceutical multinationals failed to bring about a global ban on natural, non-patentable medical therapies.

Over the recent years research and clinical evidence has mounted that cardiovascular diseases, cancer, osteoporosis and other common diseases are primarily caused by long-term deficiencies in certain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients - and therefore can be prevented and controlled by them. These effective, therapies, treating the cellular root cause of many diseases, continue to threaten a multibillion-dollar business of merely symptom oriented pharmaceutical drugs.

From Nov. 4-8, 2002, an international commission by the name of “Codex Alimentarius” (nutrition rules) met in Berlin, Germany. The international pharmaceutical lobby tried to abuse this UN-commission essentially pushing them to pass this protectionist legislation, a global “gag Order” for natural health. If the pharmaceutical lobby would have gotten its way, hundreds of millions of people would have been deprived of life-saving information about health benefits of vitamins as other natural therapies, and have us access to use them.

The single most important factor was the international pressure culminating in an international e-mail campaign, with millions of protest E-mails and a health convention with 3.000 participants in Berlin on the eve of the Codex meeting. Renowned physician and scientist Dr. Matthias Rath, whose scientific discoveries triggered the international codex efforts, led the Anti-Codex protest. “Now, that cardiovascular disease and cancer have been found to be the result of long-term vitamin deficiencies, the card house of the pharmaceutical billion dollar ‘business with disease’ will collapse,” says Dr. Rath. He was joined at the convention by world-renowned biochemist and cellular researcher Dr. Alexandra Niedzwiecki who presented results of the first double blind placebo controlled multi-center study identifying irregular heart beat (arrhythmia) as yet another disease preventable by optimum intake of essential nutrients.

Representatives of South Africa, USA, UK and other countries, supporting the same goals, also attended the conference. The representative of South Africa highlightened the fact that the fight of the developing countries against overpriced, patented AIDS drugs is just another side of the same coin: The fight against the pharmaceutical investment industry thriving on the profit margins of patent fees.

Not surprisingly it was the delegate of the South African government at the Codex meeting that exposed the hypocrisy of the pharmaceutical lobbyist with Codex. The tenor of the South African representative mirrored the message of the conference of the “Dr. Rath Health Foundation”: Patients and consumers around the world need protection from frequent side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, but not from effective natural and safe vitamins and essential nutrients.